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New York Construction Injuries And Undocumented Workers

January 1, 2010

Michael Joseph has handled numerous construction accidents for undocumented workers. Michael Joseph has obtained fantastic results for these undocumented workers.

As a Westchester construction accident attorney, I am seeing more and more construction accidents involving undocumented workers. Many employers attempt to avoid their responsibilities to their injured workers by either promising to take care of them or have them deported.

The Workers Compensation laws protect undocumented workers regardless of their immigration status. Employers are required to report all injuries which require which require medical treatment. Also they are required to provide the injured employee with their workers compensation information.

If employers do not have workers compensation, the injured employee can sue them. Also New York Courts have permitted undocumented or illegal aliens to sue the land owners and general contractors for labor law violations. The New York Court of Appeals has held that undocumented workers can sue for their injuries. The only reason that immigration status can be introduced is for earning potential.

If you were undocumented and injured, do not be afraid to sue for your injuries. Michael Joseph is a White Plains construction accident lawyer who has represented undocumented immigrants involved in accidents in Yonkers, Mamaroneck, White Plains, Port Chester and Ossining.

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