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Mandatory DWI Testing For New York Car Accidents

September 11, 2010

As a New York car accident lawyer, I have seen numerous car and truck accidents where my client had suspected the other driver had been drinking, but the police officer did not test them. This obviously results in the loss of critical evidence and hinders the ability of New York accident attorneys to establish liability.

A new bill pending in the New York assembly, Bill, A02092 would require investigating officers to field test and test blood alcohol levels of all drivers involved in auto accidents and truck accidents where serious personal injury or death occurs.

If this bill passes, it will result in New York auto accident lawyers being able to know for sure whether a driver was intoxicated. This will certainly ease the frustrations of drivers who suffer serious personal injuries when they are hit by drunk drivers.

Our New York car accident lawyers urge all residents of New York to contact their assemblymen and urge them to vote for this bill.

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