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New York Construction Accidents And Available Safety Devices

October 27, 2010

Our New York construction accident attorneys have handled hundreds of construction accidents involving personal injury. A high percentage of construction accidents involve workers falling from a ladder, or from a bridge or scaffold. These injuries can be avoided by lifelines, which are often not provided or are not made available to subcontractor employees.

When a construction accident happens, the construction companies try to cover up their wrongdoing and often come up with stories to try and beat a case. Victims of construction accident personal injuries need an experienced New York construction accident attorney to protect them.

One of the newest defenses is that the general contractors claim that there was a standing order and that all the equipment was on site. However, the New York Court of Appeals has recently made clear that this does not justify failing to provide the construction workers with the necessary equipment.

The New York Court of Appeals ruled that construction companies and general contractors cannot beat a Labor Law case, based on these claims where there is no evidence that injured worker knew where to find the safety devices notwithstanding the claims that the safety equipment was readily available on the site or that the injured worker was expected to use them. Even where a general contractor claims that appropriate safety devices were available at the project site on the date of the accident, the construction companies cannot win on these claims, where they cannot prove that the injured worker had been told to use such safety devices. Our New York construction accident attorneys fight these construction companies and we do not let them cheat injured workers out of what they are entitled to.

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