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Unlicensed Motorists Hurt In New York Car Accidents

February 27, 2012

Often people who are injured in car accidents and who don’t have licenses or have suspended licenses are afraid to bring a lawsuit for their accident. They often think that their license issues prevent them from suing. The first step should always be a free consultation with an experienced New York car accident lawyer.

Our New York and Westchester car accident lawyers have successfully handled numerous cases for people injured in car accidents with either suspended licenses or no license at all. The law in New York, is that the license issue can be considered by a jury but is not dispositive. In New York, who is at fault is the central inquiry. For example, someone with a license issue can still win if the other party violated the rules of the road such as rear ending the car which the unlicensed driver was operating or blowing a stop sign or red light. Our White Plains car accident attorneys have represented thousands of people in Westchester and New York City who sustained personal injuries in car accidents.

The New York Courts have held that operating a car, truck or motorcycle without a valid truck, car or motorcycle license or registration are traffic infractions under Vehicle and Traffic Law, however, operating a car, truck or motorcycle without a valid license, registration, or insurance is not sufficiently serious illegal activity to completely bar an injured person’s recovery on public policy grounds.

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