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The First 48 Hours In Products Liability Cases

July 18, 2012

Our experienced New York personal injury lawyers have successfully handled numerous products liability cases. Cases involving manufacturing defects require more delicate care and attention by the attorney than the average accident case. Product liability cases involve complex issues involving engineering analysis and highly specific standards of proof.

Often accidents involving defective products are unexpected and suddenly occur at an average moment in the person’s life. You can be driving a car or using a ladder or other machinery when suddenly an explosion or other type of failure, such as a stuck throttle, brake failure or other malfunction occurs. Often these malfunctions occur so fasts that the injured victim does not have time to fully appreciate what has happened.

To properly represent a person injured because of a dangerous product, our New York and Westchester products liability lawyers react immediately to accidents involving dangerous products. Often our clients make the mistake of calling the seller right away before seeking their own attorneys. Typically, the first two days after an accident is a critical time period during which an engineering inspection must be done. It is usually necessary to establish what the cause of an accident was. In particular in products defects involving cars, motorcycles, trucks, construction vehicles, heavy machinery or other construction tools or heavy equipment, it is essential to have an engineer perform an inspection before the condition of the product is changed. A manufacturer will often perform testing that will alter the condition of the product, so that it makes it difficult to determine what happened. The early inspection is key to figuring out, photographing and documenting the cause of an accident.

if you have been injured because of a dangerous product, call our Westchester product liability lawyers and our New York personal injury attorneys right away. From our White Plains and Manhattan offices we can arrange for an engineering inspection on short notice before the manufacturers’ experts get to the product.

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