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Insurance Company Representatives Sink To New Lows

September 28, 2013

Insurance company adjusters continue to sink to new lows, to try to cheat injured Plaintiffs out of their rightful recoveries. From calling injured car accident victims and telling them they have no lawsuit and are not injured enough to sue to other lowball tactics, there are no lows to which insurance adjusters will not sink. Our White Plains car accident lawyers have seen all of the tricks,which these adjuster use.

Recently a Brooklyn Supreme Court judge sanctioned an insurance company $10,000 after one of its adjusters initiated contact in the courtroom with a plaintiff in a personal injury lawsuit while the judge was attempting to negotiate a settlement in chambers. In so doing, the adjuster violated the “no contact rule” of New York’s Rules of Professional Conduct. Our White Plains attorneys will continue to protect our injured clients from these insurance company tactics.

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