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Bicycle Accidents


Typically in New York State, there are over 5,000 accidents in which bicycle riders were hit by cars or trucks. Over half of these involved moderate to severe personal injuries or fatalities. In the New York City area bicycle riders share the roads with cars and trucks and unfortunately accidents are a common factor of life for many bicyclists.

For over a decade our New York bicycle accident lawyers have protected New York’s bicycle riding community in New York City and all of its towns. New York City, especially Manhattan, has a large number of food delivery people, messenger services and commuters who ride bicycles. In fact, New York City’s statistics show that there has been an increase in cycling of 13% between 2009 and 2010 which was measured by counting the number of bicycles coming over the commuter brides such as the Queensboro and the Brooklyn Bridge into Manhattan.

Also gaining popularity are rickshaws and bicycles who provide transportation for tourists. Likewise, the Yonkers, New Rochelle, Ossining, Scarsdale, Elmsford, Pelham, Bronxville, Mamaroneck, Port Chester and Rye, all have recreational bicyclists and an increasing number of environmentally conscious people who ride their bikes to school and work. The higher population of these bicycle riders creates the inevitability of accidents between cars and bicycles.

Fortunately for New York bicyclists, the law is on your side and so are our bicycle accident lawyers. New York’s vehicle and traffic law requires that all drivers of cars and trucks exercise due care to avoid colliding with any bicyclist upon any roadway and shall give warning by sounding the horn when necessary. Therefore the onus is clearly on the car or truck driver to avoid hitting cyclists.

One of the most common questions our New York bicycle accident attorneys hear from our clients involved in bike accidents is who is going to pay my medical bills or pay my wages if I cannot work. The answer depends on a number of factors. First, if the cyclist was actually working as a messenger or food delivery person, then they are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits which will pay the medical bills, lost wages and provide a permanent award for disability. If a bicyclist who wasn’t working was hit by a car or truck, the insurance company for the car or truck is liable to provide no fault benefits which are required to pay the cyclist’s medical bills and lost wages. In cases where a bicycle rider is hit and the driver takes off (hit and run) or is uninsured, if the bike rider or anyone in his household owns a car or truck, the insurance company for that car or truck is responsible to pay the medical bills and lost wages.

In addition to basic wage and medical bills, where there has been a serious injury, the bike rider is also entitled to substantial damages for their pain and suffering. Our New York bicycle accident lawyers have successfully handled numerous cases involving bike accidents. Bicycle riders tend to be physically active and injuries take not only a physical toll but an emotional toll. We understand the damage that an injury can cause on the life of an active cyclist and will fight hard to get you every penny you are entitled to. We fight the insurance companies every day and bicycle accident attorneys in New York are on your side. Call us today at (212) 858-0503 to speak with our Queens NY bicycle accident attorney. Our attorneys know that bike accidents can be extremely fatal or can cause serious injuries. That is why it is important to have proper legal representation by your side. Our New York bicycle accident lawyer will go over your case in detail and will try his best to get you the best possible settlement for your injuries and losses. Stop wasting time! Give us a call at (212) 858-0503 to speak to our bicycle accident attorney in New York right away.

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