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Car Accidents In New York

One of the most frequent questions car accident victims ask is do I really need a lawyer for my car accident. The answer is that if you sustained personal injuries, you definitely need to speak to an experienced car or truck accident lawyer, especially in New York.

New York’s laws concerning insurance benefits are complex and often unfair to the injured party. There are strict time limitations which have draconian consequences if the time limitations are not complied with.

Other common questions our New York City car accident lawyers hear is who is going to pay for my medical bills or what happens if I cannot work. In New York, a person who is injured in a car or truck accident has a right to what is commonly called no fault benefits. These no fault benefits pay for your medical bills and for your lost wages when you are unable to work. Unfortunately too often in today’s economy, people who are seriously injured are afraid of losing their job or not being able to meet their financial obligations. This forces people to go back to work before their injuries have healed and often actually worsens their injuries. Additionally, to add insult to injury, the insurance companies will then take the position that the person’s injuries are not that serious because they didn’t miss much time from work.

Another common mistake that car accident victims make is waiting too long to seek medical treatment for their injuries or to speak to an experienced car accident attorney. Under the no fault law, an application for no fault benefits must be submitted within thirty days of the accident. If this application is not received by the insurance company within thirty days, then the insurance company will deny the benefits and refuse to pay for the medical bills or the lost wages. Likewise, the longer you wait to see the doctor following a car accident, the more likely it is that the insurance company will claim that you are not injured becuase you didn’t see a doctor immeidately or that the injuries were not related to the car accident. Too often people just try to live with the pain, and then it progresses to the point where they just can’t take it any more. But if they wait too long, they end up not being able to receive any medical treatment and unable to establish that they were injured in the car accident.

Our New York car and truck accident lawyers have obtained these no fault benefits for thousands of injured car accident victims in New York City, including the Bronx, Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn. Likewise from our New York office, we have successfully obtained no fault benefits for thousands of car and truck accident victims throughout Rockland county, including Scarsdale, Greenburgh, Elmsford, Port Chester, Rye, Mamaroneck, Yonkers, Sleepy Hollow, Irvington, Dobbs Ferry, Ossining, Bedford, Harrison, and Mount Vernon

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