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Category: Car Accidents

April 6, 2019
New York to Increase Minimum Insurance Limits for For-Hire Vehicles including Limousines

By Michael H. Joseph

Following the horrific tragedy involving a modified stretched limousine in Schoharie County in 2018, the New York State lawmakers committed to enacting essential safety reforms into law. Our  New York City car accident lawyers know all too well how tragic it can be when a careless limousine driver causes an accident with catastrophic injuries and the the limo is owned by a shell company that has minimal insurance limits which under present law is only $25,000. On March 30, 2019, the New York State Legislature released annual budget legislation for the upcoming fiscal year. As part of the final agreement,… Read More

January 11, 2019
Drunk Driver Hits Police Car

By Michael H. Joseph

This weekend, an intoxicated driver struck a stopped police car in Long Island, which resulted in not only the drunk driver being injured, but the police officers were injured as well. Accidents from drivers who are driving while intoxicated are unfortunately not new in New York. Our New York City drunk driving accident lawyers have handled many cases for victims of personal injury which were caused by drunk drivers. The law concerning who can be sued and the liability is not always complex. In this case, the General Municipal Law 205 gives police officers the right to sue anyone who… Read More

March 29, 2018
Our New York Truck Accident Lawyers- Win Truck Accident Case

By Michael H. Joseph

Our New York truck accident lawyers won a major victory  and was granted summary judgment, in the New York Supreme Court. To win summary judgment on liability, an injured party in a car accident case must demonstrate that the defendant was negligent and that the plaintiff was free of comparative fault. In this case, one defendant (“AH”) was driving home in the car when he noticed that his gas light was on. Although AH passed a gas station, he did not stop, and continued on his way. Eventually, his car began to slow down and he switched from the left… Read More

March 29, 2018
Autonomous Uber Car Accident Raises Legal Issues.

By Michael H. Joseph

On March 19, 2018, an autonomous Uber vehicle struck and killed a pedestrian in a late-night accident in Tempe, Arizona. The accident is believed to be the first pedestrian fatality involving the burgeoning technology of autonomous vehicles. Police said that the pe destrian was walking a bicycle across the street outside the crosswalk when she was struck by the autonomous uber vehicle. Cameras on the uber vehicle captured video footage of the accident from both inside and outside the vehicle, which will help in further investigation of the accident. Our New York personal injury lawyers have handled countless cases involving… Read More

September 4, 2017
Wrong Way Crashes In Westchester

By Michael H. Joseph

New York and in particular Westchester, have seen a series of wrong way crashes this year. A driver heading in the wrong direction on the   Hutchinson River Parkway in Scarsdale, was killed in a head-on crash Sunday over Labor Day weekend. In addition to the driver of the vehicle which went the wrong way, the driver  of the vehicle which was crashed into also suffered a wrongful death and a passenger in the vehicle was transported for emergency surgery to Westchester Medical Center.  This was one of several wrong way incidents on Westchester’s highways. While several others involving off duty… Read More

January 21, 2017
Attention To Detail Leads To Summary Judgment

By Michael H. Joseph

In a recent case, our White Plains Lawyer, Michael Joseph won a summary judgment motion for a client who backed out of a parking spot and was hit by another vehicle. Summary judgment is used to expedite a case when there is no dispute as to the important facts of the case. When there are no issues of fact, it can be determined which party is entitled to judgment without having to proceed to trial. Michael Joseph is considered to be one of the most experienced car accident lawyers in Westchester and has won numerous summary judgment decisions in favor… Read More

January 30, 2015
Justice For Manhattan Pedestrian Hit By Taxi

By Michael H. Joseph

Our Manhattan car accident lawyers won a major victory last month in the New York County Supreme Court for a pedestrian who was hit by a taxi while crossing the street. Based upon motion papers alone, our lawyers won summary judgment, which means that the Judge agreed that the taxi driver was one hundred percent at fault and that a trial to determine who was at fault was not necessary. Under New York Civil Procedure Law and Rules section 3212(b) summary Judgment must be granted where there is no defense to the cause of action or that the defense has… Read More

October 9, 2014
Car Accident News In The New York City Area With Personal Injury Analysis

By Michael H. Joseph

Our Manhattan personal injury attorneys continue to monitor recent news and provide up-to-date legal analysis pertaining to claims and potential law suits arising from personal injuries. One of New York’s most recognizable sightings are its yellow cabs, but a few recent accidents serve as a reminder that the legendary icons are as much a danger as any other vehicle on the road. On September 28 of this year a pedestrian was struck by a cab around 1 a.m., as the 26-year-old was trying to cross Pelham Parkway at White Plains Road in the Bronx. The cab driver stopped the car… Read More

January 7, 2014
The Wardrobe Failure Defense Works

By Michael H. Joseph

Our New York City car accident lawyers keep up to date with the various developments on the law involving car accidents. In an extremely unusual application of the emergency situation defense, a Rockland County jury found that a driver who experienced a wardrobe malfunction was not responsible for a fatal accident which occurred when she took her hands off the steering wheel, while speeding and caused a fatality. In a stranger twist, the Second Department Appellate Division, which has grown more and more conservative over the years, actually affirmed the verdict. Our White Plains car accident lawyers have seen many… Read More

September 28, 2013
Insurance Company Representatives Sink To New Lows

By Michael H. Joseph

Insurance company adjusters continue to sink to new lows, to try to cheat injured Plaintiffs out of their rightful recoveries. From calling injured car accident victims and telling them they have no lawsuit and are not injured enough to sue to other lowball tactics, there are no lows to which insurance adjusters will not sink. Our White Plains car accident lawyers have seen all of the tricks,which these adjuster use. Recently a Brooklyn Supreme Court judge sanctioned an insurance company $10,000 after one of its adjusters initiated contact in the courtroom with a plaintiff in a personal injury lawsuit while… Read More

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