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Category: New York Train and Subway Accidents

December 6, 2013
Should We Question Our Train Conductors?

By Michael H. Joseph

If you have been injured because of operator error our White Plains operator error accident lawyers can represent you and assert your rights. People should fear negligent operators of mass transit systems. Public transportation systems are vital to our way of life. We need to be confident that our public transit operators are safe. Unfortunately, public confidence in Metro-North’s ability to keep customers safe is a growing concern. The Metro-North derailment on Sunday Dec. 1, 2013 was caused by operator error. MTA union officials comment that the conductor, William Rockefeller, is to blame for the fatal derailment. New York Governor… Read More

December 3, 2013
Train Safety On Metro North Is At An All Time Low

By Michael H. Joseph

Train Safety on Metro North is at an all time low. The train accident and derailments are avoidable. Our New York commuter train and subway accident attorneys have represented thousands of people who sustain serious personal injuries in all types of accidents. Metro North must be held accountable for the Derailment Crash that killed four and injured 60 or more on December 1, 2013. Wrongful death suits are proper after the tragic death of a loved one. Our White Plains commuter train and subway accident attorneys have extensive experience in analyzing the facts and law specific to each commuter train… Read More

December 2, 2013
The Latest Metro North Railroad Crash Is Criminal Negligent Homicide

By Michael H. Joseph

Over this holiday weekend, a deadly Metro North Railroad accident occurred on a stretch of railroad track which was well known to be dangerous. So far five people senselessly lost their lives in this tragic fatality and many more were injured when the train derailed in the Bronx. Our New York City wrongful death attorneys firmly believe that punitive damages are appropriate because the actions of the train operator were likely criminally negligent homicide and at a minimum were willfully indifferent to a serious risk of harm. The initial TSA reports indicated that the online recording system demonstrates that the… Read More

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