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Criminal Defense

New York City Criminal Defense Lawyers
Our attorneys are experienced New York City criminal defense lawyers with over three decades of combined legal experience. From our Manhattan, Queens and Bronx offices, our attorneys have represented numerous clients facing misdemeanors, felonies and even federal charges.

The arrest process in New York City can be a daunting one. Based on only an accusation, anyone arrested is looking at a twelve to twenty four hour booking process. Having an attorney on your side can expedite this process. From the moment our attorneys are retained, we contact the police and stop any interrogation, we put in a notice of appearance at the Court and regularly keep in contact with the Court’s arraignment part to monitor when a case is Court ready. If you do not have a lawyer, your will just sit in a holding cell, waiting in line to have your case called. We will appear and get your case called as soon as the case is Court ready. We have gotten numerous clients out of police custody without bail, even on felony charges. On serious felony charges, we work closely with bail bondsmen to make sure that our clients don’t spend any more time in jail than is absolutely necessary. In many cases, by having a bail bondsman hired prior to the arraignment, we have kept several clients from going to Rikers Island, the Manhattan House of Detention and the Barge.

After the arraignment, our experienced criminal defense lawyers fight hard to bring a bad situation to a good resolution. We have fought many drug and weapons charges and are well versed in search and seizure law. From the misdemeanor petit larceny case to the felony assault, or rape case, our attorneys have seen it all.

We fight hard to make sure that no innocent client gets convicted. We have won cases in the grand jury, gotten cases dismissed on motions and even won felony hearings and trials. Our attorneys thoroughly investigate our cases. We have experienced investigators, who are former law enforcement to get witness statements shortly after the incident while the matters are still fresh in people’s minds. We often use retired F.B.I. experts to challenge scientific evidence and this evidence has proved to be the turning points in cases involving video tape evidence, handwriting and forgery evidence. Our criminal defense lawyers also have extensive experience in personal injury litigation from which we have a lot of medical knowledge, which gives us an upper hand in rape, sexual abuse and assault charges, where the degree of injury means the difference between a felony, misdemeanor or a non-criminal violation. We are not afraid to challenge the case and do not push anyone to just cop out and take a deal.

Even where our clients are guilty, we can often minimize the sentence, get charges reduced and keep a mistake from ruining your life. We are familiar with the alternative courts such as the drug courts and the prostitution courts and helped many clients get treatment and avoid jail.

In cases where the police fudge or fabricate evidence or use excessive force and then bring bogus charges to cover up their misconduct, we go to the mats to expose the corruption. In may cases after we win the criminal case, we sue the officers involved in the fabrication or tainting of evidence for false arrest and malicious prosecution.In fact, our office has one of the highest malicious prosecution jury verdicts in the State of New York. If you or a family member were assaulted by the police, we have successfully litigated numerous police brutality cases.

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