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Electric Accidents


In New York, Construction Accidents involving electrocution require knowledge lawyers. Construction accidents involving electric shock and burn can be the most devastating injuries one can sustain. They often result in death or serious disability.

In New York, lawyers representing accident victims can use the regulations in the New York Industrial Code to protect accident victim’s rights. These regulations require that before work is done on any construction, excavation or demolition site, that the voltage levels of all power lines be determined and that all electrical circuits be identified. Likewise the owners and contractors are required to post conscpicuous warnings where people or machinery may come into contact with live wires. The regulations also require that all workers be protected by de-energizing circuits and grounding or guarding them. The workers using jackhammers and other equipment that is likely to come into contact with buried lines must be provided with insulated protective gloves, body aprons and footwear.

If you were injured by electricity, let the NY Construction Accident Attorneys work for you. Call today for a free consultation with our experienced NY Construction Accident Lawyers. Our New York City electric accidents lawyers will go over your case in detail to determine where negligence took place. If standard safety measures were not followed, the negligent party can be held responsible for the injuries you have sustained. Call (212) 858-0503 to speak with our Queens NY electric accidents attorney and discuss your case in detail.

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