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Fire and Burn Cases


A fire is a terrifying event that forever changes the lives of anyone who has experienced one. In an instant, burn victims can lose all of their earthly possessions, suffer disfiguring and extremely painful injuries and unfortunately sometimes death. Our New York burn case lawyers have the experience and compassion to successfully handle fire and burn cases. Whether you have smoke inhalation or have to undergo skin grafts, it is horrible that you have had to go through this terrible experience. We have visited our clients in burn units and photograph them so we can later document what they are going through.

Most often, the victims of a fire are forced to suffer because someone else was negligent and in many cases violated the law. Our New York personal injury lawyers have even sought punitive damages against property owners who cause fires by using unlicensed labor to do electrical work or who violate the electrical code. The serious and often irreparable consequences of a fire require that property owners be careful and follow the law.

New York State, New York City and most of the local towns and cities have laws that are intended to prevent fires and protect the people once a fire has broken out. Examples include electrical codes that require certain types of wiring, requirements of who may perform wiring, fire retardant requirements such as fireproof walls, fireproof and self closing doors, fire alarms, sprinkler requirements, and egress requirements such as fire escapes.

To properly represent our burn victim clients, our New York fire accident attorneys often consult with experts including electrical engineers and retired fire marshals to evaluate the cause of a fire and prove liability. If our attorneys are retained soon after a fire, we can secure a Court Order requiring a property to permit our lawyers and our expert to enter the premises and photograph it before any repairs are made so that we can quickly determine the cause of a fire.

Additionally, burn cases are a constant threat on construction sites. Burns by electricity or other explosions from fumes are unfortunately a risk that many construction workers. seaman and other industrial workers face on a daily basis. For example when buried electrical lines are not properly marked, workers performing excavation are at risk. Accidents also occur when workers perform demolition and temporary electrical sources are not set up and the old electric shut down. Fumes from paint and other inflammatory or explosive substances also present constant threats to New York’s workers.

For a summary of the various laws that protect against fires, click on the following links:

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If you were a burn victim or were injured in a fire in New York City, including the Bronx, Brooklyn, New York or Queens or New Rochelle, Bronxville, Mamaroneck, Ossining, Valhalla, Port Chester, Yonkers, Hartsdale, Valhalla, Mount Vernon, Scarsdale, Rye, Tarrytown, Greenburgh Pelham, and Elmsford.



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