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Frequently Asked Questions about Construction Accidents

What Are Some Typical Injuries Seen In These Accidents? Are These Lifetime Lasting Injuries?

Construction accidents can cause devastating personal injuries and even wrongful death. Whenever you are dealing with heavy equipment and heavy weights that are being moved around, you are going to have serious injuries. Some of the most common injuries seen are fractures. Whenever a heavy piece of material falls on somebody or someone gets struck with the piece of machinery, the sheer force of that is more than sufficient to break any type of bone. Our New York construction accident lawyers handle a lot of cases involving fractures and a lot of times, the fractures are significant enough that they are going to require a surgery to basically reduce the fracture itself and allow the bone to heal.

Anytime you have had a fracture with a significant surgery which requires pins or plates, your body part is never going to be the same. Certainly, our New York personal injury attorneys know that these injuries have long term affects and there is always likelihood obviously, for arthritis to occur even after the initial healing. Then the worst kind of injury you can have is a fatality as a result of a construction accident.

What Makes These Types Of Cases More Difficult Than A General Personal Injury Case Or Accident Such As A Slip And Fall When Looking At Excavation And Demolitions Specifically?

With excavation and demolition, specifically in New York, there are a number of labor laws and industrial rules and regulations that are applicable. A lot of personal injury lawyers in New York who have not dealt with these kinds of cases before simply just do not know the different regulations or where to find them or how to understand them. Additionally, lawyers who have not handled or been involved in construction accidents before may not understand a lot of the terminology and the lingo that goes along with understanding the construction, demolition or excavation accident.

The construction accident lawyers at the Law Office of Michael Joseph have handled a number of construction accidents throughout New York and including Westchester and New York City. They have a lot of experience understanding these. A lot of time, this construction, excavation and demolition accidents require experts, especially with trench type excavation accidents that may involve a cave in. These cases require an engineer to help because there are a lot of specific regulations on two types. For example, whenever someone has to be in a trench or excavation that is five feet or more, there are only certain slopes that are required. In other words, certain slopes cannot be beyond those that are required by the rules.

Additionally, whenever there is sheeting and shoring, it means that you have to use certain types of materials to keep an excavation from caving in and from being undermined. Similarly, whenever you do a bigger type excavation or trench, it has to be slopped back in such a way that it does not damage or cause shifting of structures that are surrounding the construction such as roads, other buildings, or other structures. Whenever that happens, there is a definite need to have an expert and engineering analysis done.

Moreover, the other concern is whenever construction is being done close to waters like The East River and The Hudson River in New York City, if there is a sloped excavation that goes below the ground water table, there has to be direct supervision. There has to be someone appointed by either the employer or the construction manager to oversee that and make sure that the water is not infiltrating the excavation site, compromising the excavation or trench which could result in a slide or a cave in. That is where you see a lot of very significant injuries where trenches cave in. Our attorneys are some of the few attorneys in New York State with significant maritime construction experience.

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