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Hiring An Attorney For A Pedestrian Accident Case In New York

What Makes Having Someone Who Handles Pedestrian Accident Cases So Vital Versus Trying To Do It Alone Or Using A Personal Injury Attorney?

Experience certainly matters especially dealing with any type of pedestrian case. You really need an experienced car and truck accident lawyer who really knows their ropes and knows what to do and doesn’t have to go and look it up. So experience certainly matters.

The Law Office of Michael H. Joseph, PLLC, know on every case that they get the accident report right away, they find out who the carrier is for the car, they get the insurance claim set up so that you can seek the medical treatment that’s needed.

As a matter to protect their clients, they always file what’s called an SUM Letter with their client’s own insurance carrier, which means that if you get hit by a car which has minimal insurance and you’ve been a good person and paid the deductibles to get good insurance, your own insurance company has to step in and basically pay the difference.

For example, if you get hit by a taxicab with only $25,000 in the insurance and you have a very serious injury like a hip fracture, a knee fracture or a spinal fracture and you have good insurance, so you have policy limits of $500 or $100,000 or $300,000, that means your own insurance company steps in and it has to pick up or pay the difference between the $25,000 and the $100,000 or $500,000 of insurance that you have. But you have to know what you’re doing and you have to file that application fairly soon after the accident to put them on notice because otherwise, they can just claim any coverage.

So, unfortunately a lot of people who go to attorneys who don’t really know this area of law don’t get what they are entitled to. The Law Office of Michael H. Joseph, PLLC, has experienced attorneys who handle hit & run and pedestrian knockdown cases all over New York City and Westchester and Rockland Counties. They certainly have the experience to handle the case affectively and make sure every I is dotted and T is crossed.

Experience Of Attorney Michael Joseph In Pedestrian Accident Cases

The law office of Michael H. Joseph PLLC. has had a very high success rate in handling pedestrian knockdown cases where someone’s been hit by a car. They have a very high success rate.

In a lot of cases they’ve been able to win summary judgment, which means they’ve been able to establish that the driver of the vehicle that hit the person was crossing the street was at fault without a trial.

They do it just on motion papers because usually the vehicles have a duty to yield through the pedestrian in the crosswalk. So when they hit somebody who is in a crosswalk, it’s their default.

The law office of Michael H. Joseph PLLC. has handled hundreds if not thousands of these cases very successfully.

What Makes Michael Joseph’s Firm Particularly Suited To Handle These Types Of Complicated Cases?

They certainly have the experience. They have about 5 decades worth of experience between them combines, and they’ve handled thousands of cases. They certainly know how to handle these cases.

They have offices in White Plains, which is central Westchester. They can easily handle cases for their clients from Rye, from Port Chester, from Yonkers, from New Rochelle or any of the surrounding Westchester or even Rockland counties. They also have a new office in Midtown Manhattan which is central to the Bronx and Brooklyn and obviously the east side of Manhattan.

They have the facilities to accommodate people on the short notice. They have a fulltime investigator who works for their firm as an employee who is a retired police officer who goes around and gets the statements from witnesses, who can get the accident report if someone is injured and can’t get out of the bed, for example.

They have the resources and ability that a lot of lawyers don’t. So you really need a specialized New York City and Westchester personal injury lawyer to handle this kind of a case and that’s what they are.

If you want to Hire A Specialized Attorney To Handle A Pedestrian Knockdown Case In New York, call the law office of Attorney Michael Joseph for a free initial consultation at (914) 574-8330 and get the information and legal answers you’re seeking.

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