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Is There A Step By Step Process Following An Auto Accident?

If anybody is injured, their life is changed all of a sudden. It’s very abrupt. You’re used to living a lifestyle one way, used to engage in certain recreational activities or sports or things with your family and all of a sudden, you’re restricted. Certainly, with neck and back injuries, walking becomes heavy labor or if you have a leg injury, a lot of times you can’t walk. It’s a very sudden change in people’s lifestyles and, especially if you can’t work, people who were active and used to working, just sitting at home and healing is not natural – they like to be out there working.

Those are the sort of things that really it does take a toll on a person psychologically and then comes the process, you have to get the insurance stuff set up and see the doctor and do what the doctor recommends to get the treatment you need and get better. Certainly, we try and get people compensated for what they went through and, unfortunately, no one heals as quickly as they want to heal and almost everybody is frustrated with how an injury impacts their life. Unfortunately, that’s the reality of things and we try to make sure that the people responsible for that are held accountable.

What Are The Most Important Things That Your Clients Should Keep in Mind?

I would want them to keep in mind that it’s no good to sit at home and suffer. You should definitely seek the right medical treatment from the doctors, especially, specialists for the body part that you’re injured and make sure you express to them all the pain, all the problems that you’re experiencing so they can adequately diagnose and treat the injuries.

I would definitely want them to document as much as they can about the accident, how it happened, if they had a serious impact or heavy impact, photograph everything and make sure you report it to the police. That way everything is documented and makes it easier because once you get into litigation, people deny what really happened and it’s very common once defendants in a lawsuit get caught in a lawsuit, they all of a sudden try to deny responsibility or say things didn’t happen that did happen.

Obviously, a police report which documents what the driver said at the scene is very important. We had a very recent case where the driver admitted he hit a pedestrian, he admitted he didn’t see her to the reporting officer, the reporting officer wrote that down, but then he tried claiming in his deposition that the person just ran out in the middle of the street, but we were able to show through the officer that he really didn’t see and he is making it up now. So if she didn’t have that police report there, it would have been much more of a different situation or a much harder case, I should say.

What Are Some Things That A Client May Bring To You?Typically, when people come to us, we want them to have the accident report, we want them to have their insurance information, we want them to have the names and addresses or telephone numbers of any witnesses, we want them to have all the information of the doctors they have seen and, basically, everything we need to put together the case.

What Potential Barriers May a Person Face in an Auto Accident Case?

In New York, there’s a very big immigrant population. One barrier that people are afraid of, which is kind of a nonsense barrier, but people are always afraid of it if they are here illegally or undocumented or if they don’t have papers.

The New York courts have taken a pretty firm stance that anybody is entitled to bring an action for personal injuries, it doesn’t matter what your immigration status is. So, whether you’re legally here, illegally here, somewhere in between, it really doesn’t matter. If you’re hurt in a car accident or a truck accident, even a work accident for that matter, you are here entitled to get what remedies the law provides you with. You don’t have to be afraid, then, to go to court because the courts will protect you.

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