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Marine Construction Accidents

New York Marine Construction Accidents

New York’s piers and docks have been the scene of rampant renovation in recent years. With the new construction along New York’s waterways, there have also been numerous construction accidents involving marine construction workers and dock builders who sustain a personal injury while on a plank or work barge on the water. Our Marine Construction Attorneys are familiar with the unique hazards, which marine construction workers face.

These marine construction accidents involve the interplay of Maritime Law and the New York Labor Laws which project construction workers who work on New York’s navigable waters. Under the General Maritime law, a vessel, such as a barge, which is primarily a work platform is not a ship, so construction workers are generally not considered Jones Act Seaman.

However, these marine construction workers are covered under the Longshore Harbor Workers Compensation Act. Therefore, they are entitled to benefits which are greater than those permitted under the New York Workers Compensation system.

Additionally, these marine construction workers who are injured on work platforms or at the water’s edge are entitled to sue for personal injuries under New York’s Labor Laws, just like any other construction worker who has suffered a personal injury.

The New York Codes of Rules and Regulations have numerous regulations which address the specific hazards which marine construction workers in New York face. For example, there are requirements that prohibit slippery surfaces, which means that work platforms which are in the water should be treated with non–skid surfacing. Likewise, materials often have to be hoisted and there are numerous protections for marine construction workers who are injured when an item that is being hoisted is not properly secured or controlled by tag lines. These are only a few examples of the regulations which are intended to prevent marine construction workers in New York from personal injury.

Our New York Marine Construction Attorneys have extensive experience in both Maritime and Construction Accident cases. Whether you are a dock builder or a construction worker who was in an accident in Queens or New York City, you can contact a New York Maritime construction Accident Attorney to discuss your case. The maritime construction accident lawyers and attorneys at The Law Offices of Michael H. Joseph are familiar with the local laws and they have represented clients in similar cases in the past. Call us today at (212) 858-0503 to speak with a maritime construction accident lawyer in Queens or New York for a Free Consultation.

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