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New York Pedestrian Accidents and Knockdown Cases

Most Common Types Of Pedestrian Accidents In New York

In New York State, the most common pedestrian knockdown case is a pedestrian who is crossing the street usually in the crosswalk and gets hit by either a vehicle whose run a red light or a driver who is texting and just not paying attention, or a vehicle turning onto their street.

Usually in that situation, the pedestrian would have the right of way but more and more we’re seeing in State of New York and even in New York City that a lot of pedestrians are actually being hit by large vehicles such as buses and tractor-trailers and trucks while they’re making a turn because they have somewhat limited visibility.

These bus and truck accidents are becoming more and more frequent especially in Manhattan or Queens where there’s high density populations.

How Common Are These Types Of Accidents? Why Are They Becoming More Common?

It’s very common unfortunately for pedestrians to be hit by cars. In fact it’s gotten so common that in the city of New York now, it’s actually a crime to hit a pedestrian who has the right of way in the crosswalk. That’s how serious the problem has become.

Mayor de Blasio announced zero tolerance policy lately and even the bus unions are up in arms and upset about it because of the frequency of these types of accidents. In the city of New York, they are trying to apprise these drivers of their responsibility to yield to pedestrians.

Unfortunately in high populated areas like Queens or Manhattan or the Bronx, people are in a hurry and they drive fast and they make quick turns and a lot of times, they turn right into the path of a pedestrian who is walking in a crosswalk.

These cases are becoming common in New York and other places because the amount of pedestrians has increased over the years.

Causes Of Pedestrian Accidents

One of the more frequent causes being seen is with the rise of a cellphones and texting. A lot of drivers are now texting while they are driving, which means they are not paying attention to what they are seeing or what they should be seeing on the road in front of them and that’s been an incredibly high surge in cause of accidents.

Another cause is just inattention and people being in a hurry and having to get to places where they’re going and they’re just not paying attention. Taxicabs in the New York drive a little radically, so there have been a lot of taxicabs hitting pedestrians and people crossing the street. So those are really the main causes.

Another big cause seen is just improperly placed mirrors of the buses. For example, when a bus makes a wide turn, it kind of swings out and then comes back and a lot of times as it’s coming back, it goes right into the path of a pedestrian who is walking and knocks them down. So, if the mirrors aren’t placed exactly right, they don’t have a view of what they’re turning into.

There are a lot of those kinds of cases where either truck drivers or bus drivers aren’t able to see the pedestrian and they’re basically flying blind while they’re making these turns. So, it’s really important for them to make sure that mirrors are in proper order and they are properly positioned so that when they make those wide right or wide left turns, they can see what they are turning into.

Resulting Injuries Seen In These Types Of Accidents

The resulting injuries seen are very significant and severe personal injuries from pedestrians being hit by a car. You’ll see everything from traumatic brain injuries and skull fractures to fractured vertebra, which is basically a spinal fracture, to shoulder injuries and knee injuries which require surgery. Anytime you put a moving vehicle up against the human being, you’re going to have a very significant injury.

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