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New York Work Place Injuries

An on the job injury can be a daunting and life changing experience. One day you are going to work to support your family and all of a sudden you are being carried off the job site and on the way to the hospital. Our New York industrial accident lawyers know exactly what you are going through. You have worries about how you are going to pay your bills. You wonder if you can afford to take the time off to get the medical attention which you need. For over a decade our New York workplace accidents have protected injured workers from all New York work place accidents.

Our New York accident lawyers believe in a team approach. We have New York workers compensation lawyers in our New York office and our personal injury lawyers regularly handle personal injury cases that arise in the workplace context.

If you were injured on the job in a New York workplace accident, you are entitled to receive workers compensation benefits. In New York, your employer is required to carry workers compensation insurance and to secure payment of your compensation benefits. If your employer does not carry workers compensation insurance, the company and the owner of the company can be held personally liable. Our New York accident lawyers have sued many employers who failed to carry the proper insurance. We have even obtained punitive damage awards against employers who don’t carry workers compensation insurance. In New York, it is a crime to employ workers without the proper workers compensation insurance.

One of the most common questions our New York workers compensation lawyers hear is How do I know if my boss has the proper insurance? This is particularly common with small businesses. New York law requires the employer to provide you with a form that identifies the workers compensation carrier and they are lawfully requires to report your accident to the workers compensation carrier. If your boss does not have the proper insurance, you are entitled to benefits from a New York state fund called the uninsured employers fund, which will provide you with the same benefits which you would have received if your employer had the proper insurance.

Another common question our New York workers compensation attorneys hear is what am I entitled to under workers compensation? In general you are entitled to medical benefits and to have your medical bills paid. Additionally, you are entitled to have your wages paid while you are out of work. If you have permanent injury, you are often entitled to a permanency award based upon a permanency schedule. From our New York office, our workers compensation lawyers can guide you through the process and get you the benefits you are entitled to.

Our New York personal injury lawyers screen every case to determine if someone other than your employer is responsible for you injury. Our New York construction accident lawyers often bring lawsuits against the general contractor and land owner for safety regulation violations. If you were injured in a car accident while at work, our New York car accident lawyers can sue the other driver. If you fell because of a dangerous condition at the work place, we may be able to sue the building owner (if it is not your employer). If you were assaulted by an employee of another company, we can often sue the other person’s employer. If you were injured because of a dangerous product or defective equipment, our New York products liability lawyers can bring lawsuits against the manufacturer of the product.

Our team approach with specialists handling your workers compensation claim and personal injury litigation attorneys handling your accident lawsuit, gives you the quality of representation that you deserve.

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