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If You Are Injured And Homebound or Admitted In The Hospital We Will Come To You

From our Forest Hills officer our experienced Queens car accident lawyers are centrally located and capable of serving the communities of Forest Hills, Kew Gardens, Rego Park, Elmhurst, Jackson Heights, Woodside and Jamaica. One of the most common types of accidents in Queens are people getting hit while crossing the street. This type of accident is commonly called a pedestrian knock down.

Getting hit by a car is a scary and all too often life altering experience. Our lawyers know how to handle these cases. One of the first questions our Queens accident attorneys hear is who is going to pay my medical bills or I can’t work, who is going to pay my rent. In any car pedestrian knock down case, the insurance company for the car has to provide no fault benefits which includes paying your medical bills and any lost wages. However, you need to file an application for the no fault benefits within thirty days of the accident. All too often a person is hit and if they are seriously injured, they are taken to the hospital, so how do you know who the insurance carrier is. On every accident report in the State of New York, there is a box where the police officer puts a code which identifies the insurance carrier. If you were injured in a pedestrian knock down, our experienced car accident attorneys can fill out the no fault application and get the claim set up for you.

Even if you were injured in a hit and run, you are not just out of luck. New York has a fund which is called the Motor Accident Vehicle Indemnification Corporation, (MVIAC) which will provide replacement benefits if you are hit by an unknown or uninsured vehicle. If you own your own vehicle, your own carrier will have to provide the benefits to you, even if your vehicle was not involved in the accident.

We also have extensive experience in making sure that you get not only your medical bills paid, but that you get compensation for your injuries. In Queens, there are a number of road ways such as Queens Boulevard and Northern Boulevard where cars go at high speeds and there is high pedestrian traffic, with fast changing lights. Our attorneys are experts at proving that the car operator is at fault and getting the injured pedestrians the recovery they deserve.

Another common problem is traffic lights that don’t give enough time to cross the street. On average it takes a person three and a half seconds to walk a foot. Where lights change and give the traffic the green light while a person is crossing the street, the cause is often a traffic light that was negligently programmed to give insufficient time for people to get across the street. This is a trap for the unweary and often the City Of New York can be held liable for failing to give adequate time to cross the street.

Our car accident lawyers know how serious a pedestrian knock down can be and the essence of documenting injuries are. We often will visit our clients in the hospital on very short notice to make sure everything is set up. Once a person is admitted for surgery, the hospital staff will begin asking for insurance information. We are there to get the claim set up for you or a family member on short notice.

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