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Questions Asked By Someone Injured In a Construction Accident

If Someone Sustains A Loss Of Limb Or A Burn From An Electrical Or Chemical Source At These Excavation Or Demolition Sites, What Option Do They Have Available In Terms Of Recoverable Damages?

Firstly, anybody injured on a construction site in New York is entitled to workers compensation benefits which are medical payments, a portion of their salary, and a permanency award through the workers compensation carrier. Additionally, they also have a right to sue under the labor laws. Therefore, the first step is to determine whether it was a violation of any of the underlying rules and regulations of the industrial code. An early on investigation is often necessary. Anybody who is injured in one of these very serious accidents needs to call OSHA and have them do a workplace investigation and document exactly what happened. Alternatively, if they can have a coworker take pictures of the accident scene so they can preserve the evidence that is also very important.

Typically, if a violation can be established, they are entitled to full payment of their lost wages and their medical bills through the lawsuit in addition to pain and suffering. If they cannot work like they did before or if they can work only reduced hours or go back to some other type of work, they are entitled to the difference between what they can make before and what they can make now going forward with the rest of their life. This is in addition to damages for pain and suffering, for disability on a long term basis.

If someone has unfortunately suffered fatality or a wrongful death on any construction site in New York State, their next of kin will be entitled to their financial loss that may have incurred because of that. Although they would have to set up an estate, they would also be entitled to recover an award of money to compensate the person who passed away for their pre-death pain and suffering. Basically, the next of kin would get that.

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