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Recent Results

  • $2,000,000: Verdict Queens Supreme Court: Head injuries following an assault.
  • Construction Accident Involving Excavator: $2,000,000 plus all future medical costs
    Undocumented worker hit by an excavation machine: head injury.
  • Police Misconduct: Malicious Prosecution: $1,700,000
    Damages for security guard wrongfully prosecuted for murder
  • $1,500,000: Verdict, Westchester Supreme Court, Shoulder and Back injury.
    Significant verdict against an Eastchester police officer who assaulted our client following a work related dispute.
  • Construction and Window Washing Accident Fall: $900,000
    Settlement, New York Supreme Court, New York Window Washer injured in fall from unsecured ladder without fall protection (life lines/harnesses)
  • Construction Accident: $848,000 Settlement
    Construction worker who suffered a knee and back injury after falling from defective planking on a pipe scaffold. New York Supreme Court
  • $740,000 settlement
    Westchester Supreme Court, spinal injuries to a construction worker from a truck accident in White Plains.
  • Police Officer Injury: $500,000 Settlement
    New York City Police Captain, suffered neck and back injuries while breaking up a bar fight. New York Supreme Court
  • Car Accident: $500,000
    Injured motorist involved in truck accident.
  • Construction Accident: $490,000
    Collapse of Make Shift Scaffold: Back Injury
  • $400,000 verdict Bronx Supreme Legal Malpractice Case
    Against personal injury attorney who was negligent in failing to submit an expert engineer’s affidavit which established defective conditions of a stairway which resulted in the dismissal of the personal injury lawsuit.
  • Construction Accident $150,000 (plus waiver of $80,000 workers compensation lien resulting in total value of $230,000)
    Leg injuries from trench cave in during excavation on City project
  • Car Accident: $300,000
    Couple injured with internal injuries
  • Car Accident: $296,000
    Car Accident resulting in Back and Knee injury
  • Car Accident: $225,000
    Car Accident: Back Injury
  • Car Accident: $200,000
    Shoulder injury from car accident with drunk driver.
  • Construction Accident: $117,500
    Broken Plank on a Scaffold: Knee injury
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