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Shoulder And Knee Injuries In Car And Truck Accident Cases

A car or truck accident can be a devastating event. Often car accident victims are treated at the hospital but have undiagnosed injuries. This can be extremely frustrating to someone who is told that nothing is broken so just go home. Even family or primary care practitioners often miss the most serious injuries that are caused by car and truck accidents.

Orthopedic injuries such as shoulder injuries, knee injuries, ankle injuries and elbow injuries are among the most commonly missed injuries. Typically, the hospital or primary care provider will just order an x-ray, but the problem is the x-rays only show the bones. All of these joints have intricate soft tissues, muscles, tendons and ligaments which can be damaged or torn and more often than not, these injuries do not show up on plain film x-rays. Among the most common undiagnosed injuries in the knee are torn meniscus, tears of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), Posterior and Medial Ligaments and chondromalacia. In the shoulder, rotator cuff tears and tears of the supraspinatus tendon and shoulder impingement are often missed at emergency rooms. Likewise in the ankle, we often see talofibular ligament tears which were completely missed. For these injuries, anyone injured in a car accident should be treated by a competent orthopedist and most of these injuries can be diagnosed only after an MRI. You should not delay seeking medical treatment because since these injuries are often not well documented in the emergency rooms, the longer you wait to seek treatment, the more likely the insurance company and their lawyers will claim that the injuries were not from the car accident, which often adds insult to injury for the injured car accident victim. Our New York City personal injury lawyers are committed to making sure that car and truck accident victims get the justice they deserve. Additionally, within thirty days of the accident an application for no fault benefits must be filed, otherwise your medical bills will not be paid for. Do not make the mistake of seeking a referral and going through your personal health insurance as these bills will ultimately be denied. Our car accident lawyers will prepare the no fault application to protect your interests at no charge.

Our New York car accident and auto accident attorneys have handled thousands of orthopedic injury cases and have obtained substantial settlements and verdicts involving orthopedic injuries.

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