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What Are The Benefits Of Getting An Attorney?

One benefit of getting an attorney is that the person might not get a fair deal from an insurance company without one. More often than not, they would not take the person seriously and they would offer very less money.

One of the main benefits of hiring an attorney is that they know how to handle the case, they know how to investigate, they know how to document and they know how to build the case such that it can become provable.

There can be some differences in terms of what type of case it is, but to win a car accident case, it would have to be proven that the person had a serious injury under New York’s law, which is a very specific definition. It would mean that the person would need to have a fracture or a loss of life, loss of fetus, they must be unable to work for 90 days or they would need to show some consequential or significant permanent limitation of the ability of their body.

How Soon Should Someone Contact Their Attorney After An Injury?

Immediately! Typically, the insurance company or someone who knew about the accident on the other side would try to prevent being held liable so they would try to modify the conditions as soon as possible. The best rule would be to contact an attorney immediately because the person would want an immediate investigation done and to document what exactly caused the accident before anybody had a chance to change the conditions.

What Are Some Qualities Someone Should Be Looking For In An Attorney?

The person would definitely look for someone who has experience, because although they would want to see somebody who does primarily accident law, they would want somebody who was doing it a while and who really knew the area. Certainly, nowadays, a lot of people can post reviews online, and it is a good starting point for choosing an attorney because it allows others to see what experiences people have had with that attorney. Experience is definitely one of the most important things.

What Documents And Information Should A Client Provide To The Attorney?

The client should certainly provide any accident reports and photographs which would always be the best evidence. Any video of the accident or the incident should definitely be brought to the attorney right away because a lot of times, an attorney can act quickly to get an order to prevent the video from being recorded over or they can take steps to prevent its loss.

Can An Attorney Give An Idea Of How A Case Might Play Out, At The Initial Consultation?

Of course! Our clients are basically always witnesses to the incidents, so what they say happened is very important and it is like the jumping off point to start an investigation into the facts of the case. I always look for collaboration of what they said but a lot of times, their word is enough to win the case.

How Do Attorneys Actually Get Paid?

The standard fee in New York is typically one-third, although if there was a cost associated with the case, then the attorneys would usually lay out those costs for filing, fees, experts, getting copies of medical records and deposition costs. Those costs would come off-the-top if they reached a settlement, and the attorney would get one-third of the difference and the client would get two-third.

It is a little bit less in medical malpractice. There is a standard fee schedule which is 1 percent of the first $250, and it would be a little bit more of the next $500 but it would vary, although it would generally be one-third for a personal injury. I usually tell people that they would most likely not get anything without an attorney, because if there was no recovery, then there would be no fee.

What Makes Your Firm A Good Choice For Someone?

We are a highly competent but small firm, so we do have more personal interaction with our clients than a lot of the bigger firms do. In terms of experience, we know personal injury very well because that is most of what we do. We have handled a lot of the bigger things which a lot of other attorneys in our area may not have handled, so we have handled more complex and more difficult cases.

Other attorneys recommend us for cases that are above their skillset, so that means that we have a skillset which is beyond what a lot of other attorneys have and we are able to handle more difficult cases.

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