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What Are The Risks Of Not Hiring An Experienced Attorney?

I do not think anyone should ever try to handle one of these cases alone. The reality is that the laws are so complex that the person would actually need to hire a lawyer to do it correctly. Trying to file one’s own lawsuit or claim without a lawyer would be like trying to perform surgery on oneself, which would not be a good idea.

Our office is one of the few offices in New York City that has a significant amount of maritime and construction experience. The person would definitely want to hire a maritime lawyer because their case might be lost if they crossed a deadline or if they blew a filing requirement or did not file the paperwork correctly.

Cases are often lost because of small things that had not been done correctly.

Can A Worker Afford A Highly Experienced Attorney To Handle The Case?

Of course. Attorneys typically work on contingency and under the Longshore Harbor Workers Act, the fees would more often than not be paid by the carrier for the employer. Most of the time, the worker would be able to get the best representation available and it really would not cost them anything until they had actually gotten an award.

Why Hire A Maritime Construction Accident Injury Case Attorney Vs A Personal Injury Attorney?

The laws are very specific and very technical in the maritime construction context, so it would take a long time for someone to get up to speed if they had not done this before, even if they were a knowledgeable lawyer.

I regularly get questions from other lawyers regarding how I handle these cases because they are not familiar with either maritime law or construction, and it certainly becomes even more confusing when the two are combined.

Someone who was hurt in a maritime accident or a maritime construction accident in New York, would definitely need an experienced New York attorney who had handled a number of maritime construction accident cases, which we have.

We have seen a number of cases where someone had gotten hurt on the water, but their local lawyers called the worker’s comp representative who did not know there were also labor laws or general maritime claims.

We have handled cases with Jones Act seamen who can sue their employers, who were sent into the state workers compensation system. Anyone who has been hurt in a maritime accident, especially in maritime construction accident, would need to speak to a lawyer who was experienced with the maritime and construction law in the state of New York, which is something that we certainly are.

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