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What Are Trucking Accidents?

What Types Of Vehicles Are Referred to When Talking About Truck Accidents?

There are a lot of different types. They include everything from a small pickup truck to a work van or a box truck all the way up to the big tractor-trailers and the heavy rigs. Those are all different types of trucks that tend to be involved in accidents, especially in New York.

What Are The Most Common Types Of Trucking Accidents Seen In New York?

In New York City, our Manhattan truck accident lawyers see a lot of box truck accidents. In the cities of Yonkers, Mount Vernon, New Rochelle and the other towns in New York and Rockland, our New York truck accident lawyers handle a lot of accidents involving the big rigs on big highways. In New York City, especially, Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn and the Bronx our truck accident attorneys tend to see a lot of trucks that hit pedestrians while they are turning, -which is one of the most common accidents our personal injury lawyers see. Our attorneys also see a lot of truck accidents that seem for some reason seem to occur on the bridges where they hit other cars while trying to merge lanes or where there is stop and go traffic.

Which Violations Are More Often Seen In Trucking Accidents?

Usually, the hours of service violations are common where the truck drivers drive too long without taking a break and suffer from fatigue. From time to time, our experienced truck accident lawyers handle cases which involve truck drivers who should not have been driving trucks in the first place. One of the ways to catch some of these unqualified drivers who shouldn’t have been driving a commercial truck is that whenever there is a truck accident involving a fatality or a serious personal injury, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration comes and requires a blood test of the driver and what pops up in their blood will oftentimes tell you about what their underlying conditions are. Also, their employers are required to keep and maintain all their medical certifications, what they disclosed as having and our New York tuck accident lawyers compare them to what the driver told the employer about the medical conditions which they had or what they told the employers’ doctor about their underlying medical conditions. Our attorneys have even taken the depositions of the doctors whom the employers hire to certify the drivers to prove whether the driver misrepresented their healthy and to prove the effects of medication and underlying medical conditions upon the driver’s ability to operate a commercial truck.

Unfortunately, it is really hard to catch the hours of service cases if they don’t write down how much time they actually worked or drove but there are ways. For example, in some cases, the electronic data from the truck’s black box reports can be obtained where they have shown operations and sometimes even have shown erratic driving, which has been helpful in some cases; sudden stops on multiple occasions; drivers driving off the route with no really known explanation, and things like that.

Do Semi-Trucks Have Black Boxes? Are They Similar To A Plane’s?

Well, it’s more like it tracks the activity and location and speed of the vehicle. So, a lot of times, that can be used to see how long the vehicle has been driven in a given timeframe and the activity of the truck itself.

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