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What Type Of Trucks Are Commonly Involved In Trucking Accidents?

Is There A Certain Type Of Trucks That Is Involved In Accidents More Often Than Others?

Certainly, big rigs or tractor-trailers are somewhat prone to truck accidents because the drivers work long hours, even though the Federal Motor Carrier regulations are supposed to limit the amount of hours, they call them hours in service, that a truck driver works. Fatigue is always a problem. These guys are on a route for a long period of time, the hours of service regulations often aren’t followed or they are skirted, they drive long distances without breaks, so fatigue is almost always a factor. In truck accidents that involve big rigs or the tractor-trailers that tend to be on a road more often and when they are on a road more often, that means there is more of a likelihood of an accident.

Another common type of accident, which our New York truck accident lawyers are seeing more and more are trucks and buses hitting bridges and overpasses on New York parkways. Even though trucks and buses are not allowed on parkways, using personal GPS is becoming more common with truck drivers and a lot of them just don’t pay attention to the fact that they are entering a parkway. Since the overpasses and bridges on New York parkways, especially on the Hutchinson Parkway on the overpasses in Harrison and Mamaroneck are too low for most trucks, collisions are becoming more frequent.

What Are These Types Of Vehicles Subject To In Terms Of Regulations Of Law?

There are a lot of different regulations. Most of them are found in the Motor Carrier Safety Act and the first is qualifications.

First of all, every driver has to have a certification, medical certification, to be an interstate truck driver. This doesn’t always really apply to intrastate. For example, local box truck or local delivery truck drivers or guys driving small pickups don’t necessarily fall under this. This is really more for interstate truck drivers, such as tractor trailers, semis and big rigs, which are regulated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration which puts out a lot of regulations, everything from hours of service to their medical condition.

For example, if anyone’s ever had epilepsy, they can’t drive a truck. There are certain limitations depending on the type of truck they are driving, how long they could drive at a particular time and how much of a break they need between shifts. And these are all in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations. A lot of times, people are dishonest on their medical forms, they aren’t really qualified to be truck drivers but they don’t disclose certain medical conditions, they don’t disclose certain medications they are on, and so on. There is a whole lot of these regulations that have to be seen by a qualified physician who is familiar with the regulations that has to certify that they are fit to drive a commercial rig for example.

There are lot of the health questions. If you ever had a seizure, that’s a disqualification; a head injury or brain injuries, eye disorders, vision, heart or heart attacks in the past are also disqualifying factors because they don’t want people who have a heart condition driving these big rigs. They are even starting to screen people for sleep apnea now because obviously a lot of the truck drivers tend to suffer from sleep apnea, which means less oxygen gets to the brain and then they have lower blood oxygen and are less alert.

What Are The Main Ways Accidents Involving Trucks Differ From A Passenger Vehicle Accident?

The biggest difference, obviously, is the size and weight of the truck. Because they are so big and so heavy when they hit something, they usually cause a lot of damage, more serious personal injuries and a lot more fatalities are seen with truck accidents. Also, truck accidents involve a lot more serious injuries just because of their size and their weight. Whereas two cars may hit each other and bump off, a truck is going to destroy the car or run over it or really destroy it and whatever or whoever is in it.

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