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Bar Fights And Assaults By Bouncers

If you have been injured because of an assault in a bar, tavern night club by a patron, bouncer, security guard or other person, you may have a lawsuit. Our New York personal injury lawyers have sued many bars and night clubs for assaults and injuries.

In general the law in New York requires landowners including clubs and bars to provide a safe premises. This includes protection from criminal acts of other customers. Therefore if there is a situation escalating, the bar or club’s security and bouncers, or other employees have an obligation to intervene and make sure their customers are safe. Where they fail to do so, they can be sued and held responsible for injuries caused in the assault.

Likewise, New York’s Dram Shop law and the Alcohol and Beverage Control Laws prohibit sales of alcohol to obviously drunk or intoxicated individuals or individuals under the age of twenty one. Obviously drunk and underage people are more likely to become aggressive and when these bars or clubs serve people who should not be served, they are responsible for assaults that occur.

Likewise all too often, bouncers and security staff that are supposed to just restrain people who get into arguments and escort them out and eject them separately, get personally involved or take things to far. Often bouncers are on steroids, have short tempers and something to prove. Sometimes the bars are even using gang members or convicted felons as security guards. They abuse their power and assault the bar’s customers. When bars and clubs hire security who are not qualified or licensed, that also can establish liability for injuries caused by the unqualified guard. New York State law and the New York City Administrative Code required that all security guards for any place which sells alcohol be licensed and registered with the State. Likewise every bar is supposed to perform due diligence in researching the background of their candidate. Our New York personal injury lawyers have handled numerous cases involving injuries from fights in bars and assaults by bouncers.

Our personal injury lawyers have expertise in identifying the prior incidents of violence in a bar. Our attorneys often get all of the State Liquor Authority records which documents assaults, violations of New York’s Alcohol and Beverage Law and instances of disorderly conduct. A pattern of violence is powerful evidence of a need for security or more security and can be of tremendous value in establishing liability.

Our New York lawyers have handled cases involving the New York bar scene, the New York City (Manhattan) club scene and the Yonkers, Queens and Bronx Latin Clubs and Dance halls.

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