Construction Accident Attorney

Construction sites are full of machinery, scaffolding, and equipment that put workers at risk of accidents and injuries on a daily basis.

If you were injured on the job, a construction accident attorney can file a personal injury lawsuit to get you the recovery you deserve.

The Law Office of Michael H. Joseph, PLLC has represented countless construction workers in the New York City, NY, and Westchester courts...

What to Do after a Construction Site Accident 

Day of Accident

Get Medical Care

If you were injured on the job, you should see a doctor right away. It is very common for laborers to think they will be fine and not see a doctor. Ultimately this will hurt you because the insurance company will claim that you weren't hurt because you didn't see a doctor right away. 

Take Pictures of What Caused You to Get Hurt

The construction and insurance companies are already working against you to try and blame you for getting hurt. If you were hurt because of a dangerous condition like faulty scaffolding, take pictures (plenty of them) so the company can't claim it was your fault. The cell phone camera is the best witness in the world.

Build Your Evidence

Keep track of medical bills, prescriptions, or medical records related to your construction accident. These documents will ensure that you are compensated fairly and fully for your injuries.

Call a Construction Accident Lawyer

Did you sustain serious injuries in a construction accident? You are entitled to workers' compensation including medical benefits and a portion of your wages. But that is only the beginning. Our New York City construction accident attorneys have decades of experience representing injured workers who have suffered due to violations of scaffold law and more. Don't miss a deadline. Let our construction accident lawyers take care of you. It is WHAT WE DO!!!

 Construction Accident Lawsuits in New York State

New York Labor Laws 240 and 241 cover almost all areas of construction and provide regulations on almost every area of construction. They are intended to keep workers safe and prevent injuries from occurring. Section 241(6) of the Labor Law requires property owners, general contractors, and others in the construction industry to comply with employee safety protections. If you were injured because the regulations of New York’s Industrial Code were not followed, then you have a lawsuit. The Industrial Rules are extensive and cover many types of accidents that regularly occur on job sites.

Our NYC construction accident attorneys are prepared to litigate on your behalf to protect your future after a life-changing injury. To find out if you were injured because of a New York Labor Law violation, call our Manhattan construction accident lawyers at (212) 858-0503 or our Westchester attorneys at (914) 574-8330


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Types of Construction Accidents

The last few years have seen record-setting development in some areas of NYC. Too often, construction site owners cut corners and violate New York Laws to save costs, and the worker usually is the one that gets hurt. If you were injured on a construction site because the company cut corners, you probably have a case. New York’s Labor laws provide injured workers with powerful rights to sue general contractors and the property owners if they suffered a job site personal injury because of unsafe equipment, unsafe worksite practices, unsafe worksite, dangerous equipment, electrical connections, gravity-related hazards like falling debris, and other threats that can cause life-altering injuries. Our law firm has represented victims of various types of construction accidents, including: 

Hoisting Injuries and Falling Object Cases

If you were struck by an object that was being hoisted or from a material, debris, or structural component, you have a case. Our construction accident lawyers have extensive experience in representing construction workers who suffered personal injuries on job sites from falling objects and hoisting accidents. 

Saw Accidents

Our lawyers have represented many victims of defective saws, which can cause serious injuries including loss of limb and traumatic amputation. In many cases, a third party such as a contractor or equipment manufacturer may be held responsible for a worker’s harm due to a defective saw. New York’s Industrial Code requires that workers who use saws be protected by guards which protect them from contact with the blade. Too often, employers remove the guard or lock it in the up position so that workers can cut faster, placing workers in danger. 

Trench and Cave-In Accidents

Our New York City lawyers and White Plains construction accident attorneys have handled many cases where workers are injured by excavation or trench cave-ins or shifting of the ground under a machine. On other occasions, instead of being struck by the excavation equipment, construction workers are hit by materials that are being hoisted by an excavator because a tag line wasn’t used or because the load shifted, swung, and struck a construction worker standing in the area. 


If you were injured on a construction site, because of an unsafe condition, dangerous equipment, a lack of proper equipment or an unsafe practice, call our NYC construction accident lawyers. You are entitled to compensation for your injuries. 

Ladder and Scaffold Accidents on Construction Sites

Regrettably, thousands of workers are severely injured or even killed after falling at building sites every year. A study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health found that more than 310 workers are killed and more than 10,350 are seriously injured each year from falling debris from roofs, ladders, or scaffolding. Construction workers who fall from a ladder or scaffolding can experience bruises, broken bones, head injuries, spinal cord blows, and other traumatic harm. 

Construction Accidents Involving Heavy Equipment

Our New York City and Westchester construction accident lawyers have successfully handled numerous personal injury cases involving accidents with excavation equipment. Some of the most serious injury cases our attorneys have handled have occurred when workers were struck by excavation equipment, including bobcats, road graders, backhoes, excavators, and bulldozers.  If you were hurt on a work site because of any type of heavy equipment or machinery, call our New York construction accident lawyers today. 

Slips, Trips, and Falls

Due to the dangerous nature of construction sites, these workers have the highest risk of falling compared to other professions. Tripping over equipment, debris, or materials can have devastating consequences.  If you fell on a construction site because of a dangerous condition on a job site in Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn or Queens, call our New York City construction accident lawyers. For construction accidents in White Plains, Tarrytown, Yonkers, New Rochelle, Mamaroneck, Ossining, Port Chester or any of the Westchester towns, call our Westchester construction accident lawyers today. 

Hazardous Opening and Unprotected Drop Accidents

In addition to Labor Law 240’s requirement for fall protection, such as harnesses and lines, New York’s Industrial Code § 1.7(b)(1) provides additional protections and requires that every hazardous opening into which a person may step or fall shall be guarded by a substantial cover fastened in place or by a safety railing. If you were injured because of a fall through a hazardous opening on a construction site and were not provided with fall protection, you were injured because New York’s Labor Laws were violated. Crane accidents including falls from cranes are also devastatingly common.

Maritime Construction Accidents

A maritime construction accident would generally be considered any type of accident where the individual performing the construction was either working on or over the water. Workers in maritime construction include bridge workers, dock workers, dock builders, workers doing pier renovation or reconstruction, and even people who work on things like float stages, barges, or different types of planks that are just floating in the water. We have successfully handled many cases where workers were working on float stages or work barges, but then slipped and fell because the float stage did not have the proper non-skid coating. We've also represented cases where workers fell while climbing down sheeting or shoring.

Excavation Accidents

Our construction accident lawyers in Manhattan and White Plains have successfully handled numerous personal injury cases involving workers who are struck by excavation equipment or items being hoisted.  New York Labor Law 240 requires that all things being hoisted have adequate, hoists, stays, slings, hangers, blocks, pulleys, braces, irons, ropes, and other devices which shall be so constructed, placed, and operated as to give proper protection. This rule applies when equipment and material are being hoisted then fall and injure someone. It also applies when forms, blocks, and other structures are in the process of being secured or assembled and they drop. The key requirement is the gravity element, which means something must fall downward because of a lack of a certain safety device or the inadequacy of the device.

Demolition Accidents

Our New York construction and demolition accident lawyers in Manhattan and White Plains have handled numerous cases involving demolition accidents. New York's Labor Laws 240, 241 and 200 protect demolition workers in New York. Demolition workers are often exposed to unique hazards that make demolition a uniquely dangerous part of any construction project. Demolition workers are also constantly exposed to falling debris, objects, collapsing walls, and other structures. Labor Law 241 and the New York industrial code contain numerous sections that protect demolition workers. Therefore, if you were injured because of falling debris, collapsing walls, or because there was inadequate bracing, shoring, or a lack of overhead protection, you are entitled to money for your personal injuries under Labor Law 241. If you suffered a personal injury in a demolition accident, call our Westchester & NYC construction accident lawyers. 

Electricians, Electric Accidents, and Electrocution

The Electronic Library of Construction Occupational Safety & Health claims that electrocutions are the fourth leading life-threatening injury among American construction workers. Electric shock and burn can be the most devastating injuries one can sustain. They often result in death or serious disability. New York’s Industrial Code requires that before work is done on any construction, excavation, or demolition site, that the voltage levels of all power lines be determined and that all electrical circuits be identified. Likewise, the owners and contractors are required to post conspicuous warnings where people or machinery may come into contact with live wires. The regulations also require that all workers be protected by de-energizing circuits and grounding or guarding them. The workers using jackhammers and other equipment that is likely to come into contact with buried lines must be provided with insulated protective gloves, body aprons, and footwear. If you suffered an electrocution injury on a construction site, call our Westchester & NYC construction accident lawyers. 

Accidents Performing Concrete Work

The New York Industrial Code has several regulations that are meant to protect concrete workers and allows concrete workers to sue the contractor and property owner if they violate the Industrial Code and a worker gets hurt. This law states that any forms used to shape concrete while it hardens must be tied together or properly braced to prevent the cement mold from moving or falling on a worker. Additionally, the Code requires that any walls built from concrete be sufficiently braced in order to prevent the wall from toppling over due to wind, vibration, and other jarring movements that may occur during the construction process. Any form, shore, or bracing that is expected to withstand a load of at least 150 pounds per square foot must be built according to design specifications created by a licensed engineer, and a copy of the design should be maintained at the building site for examination. If you or someone you love was injured due to a code violation while working with concrete, our law firm can help you collect compensation.


The OSHA Fatal Four In the Construction Industry

Struck by an Object 
Caught-in or Caught-between

These accidents resulted in nearly two-thirds of all fatal

construction injuries between 2011 and 2019.

Other Devastating Injuries  Caused by Construction Accidents

Construction injuries can range from mild to severe: 

  • Burn Injuries: Burn injuries caused by blunt trauma, falls from a scaffold, being struck by falling materials or debris, chemical exposure, or electrocution can cause painful, debilitating burn injuries. 
  • Eye Injuries: Eye injuries due to accidents or not wearing protective eyewear can cause vision loss or blindness. 
  • Hearing Loss: Construction sites are filled with loud machinery and power tools. Without the appropriate measures, construction workers can suffer permanent hearing loss.
  • Loss of Limb: Construction accidents involving unguarded saws, saws with defective guards, or crush injuries from heavy materials can also lead to serious damage to the hands, arms, feet, or legs that can only be treated with amputation.  
  • Spinal Injuries: Falls, slips, or vehicle accidents can cause spinal injuries. In their worst forms, spinal injuries can lead to permanent paralysis. 
  • Repetitive Injuries: These injuries are gradually caused by repetitive motions rather than a sudden accident, but they can still affect a person's ability to work. 
  • Respiratory Injuries: Construction workers are constantly exposed to dust and other harmful agents that can make it difficult to breathe or cause respiratory diseases.
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries: Workers who fall or are struck by large objects can suffer traumatic brain injury (TBI). A head injury can have long-lasting consequences, affecting your memory, mood, and behavior for years to come.
  • Wrongful Death: Over 21 percent of the workplace fatalities that took place in 2016 were construction-related.  If you believe your loved one suffered wrongful death as a result of a construction site accident, we can help your family obtain justice.

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Your Legal Options

Workers' Compensation Claim

Workers' compensation insurance covers injuries that occurred while you were on the job, performing your assigned work duties, and employed with the company. If you were injured on the job due to negligence on the part of your employer, a co-worker, or even yourself, this is probably the best way to pursue restitution.


Personal Injury Lawsuit

If you were hurt in a construction accident, our NYC construction accident lawyers and Westchester construction accident attorneys know that New York's Labor Laws allow injured construction workers to sue the general contractors and landowners. Most construction injuries in New York occur because the Industrial Code Rules and Labor Law are ignored. If you suffered construction accident injuries because you were not given safe equipment, because of a dangerous condition, or because of dangerous work practices, you may have a lawsuit. Our New York construction accident lawyers can get you the compensation you deserve for pain, suffering, disability, and loss of earnings. 

If you were injured on a New York City job site:

Call our NYC construction accident lawyers: 212-858-0503.

If you were injured on a Westchester County job site:

Call our White Plains construction accident lawyers: 914-574-8330.

Ready to Learn More about Your Options? 

At the Law Office of Michael H. Joseph, PLLC, our priority is informing injured construction workers of their legal options so that they feel empowered, protected, and justly compensated for their injuries. We offer free consultations for construction accident victims, and have offices in Manhattan and White Plains. If you are a steamfitter or other tradesperson who one was injured in a worksite in a crane accident, slip and fall, or other accident, simply request your case review online or call our firm to find out if you have grounds for an injury claim: 

Our Manhattan Office: 212-858-0503

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Third Parties Who Could Be Liable for Work Injuries

Because our NYC and White Plains construction accident lawyers have represented clients in all types of construction accidents, our attorneys are able to listen to the details of your case and identify whether outside parties may have contributed to your accident. Although some construction injuries are simple accidents, others are the result of errors caused by:

  • General Contractors and Property Owners:  Under New York Law, it is the obligation of every contractor and property owner to provide safe equipment and a safe worksite. If they fail to do so and their negligence contributes to a construction accident, you can sue them for breaching their obligations to you.    
  • Manufacturers and Supply Houses: Poorly designed or manufactured equipment such as saws, power tools, or protective gear can easily malfunction. Also, if you were provided with below-grade material that failed, the supply house can be held responsible. If you were seriously injured by a faulty product, our construction accident attorneys can seek reparations from the company who designed or manufactured the piece of equipment.
  • Sub-Contractors: Sub-contractors are hired to perform specific tasks or services on a construction site. Like everyone else on the construction site, they are responsible for performing their work in a safe manner. If the subcontractor caused an unsafe situation to take place, or did something that caused you to get hurt, they can be held liable.
  • Delivery Services: If a delivery company dropped off materials in an unsafe location or collided with a construction worker because they were not paying close attention, they may be responsible for paying damages. 

Start Your Claim with Our New York Construction Accident Lawyers

The Law Office of Michael H. Joseph, PLLC is committed to protecting injured workers in New York City, Westchester, and throughout the state by providing attentive legal services and representation. Our knowledgeable attorneys are members of various renowned organizations, including: 

  • New York State Trial Lawyers Association
  • American Association for Justice 
  • New York County Lawyers Association
  • Westchester County Bar Association
  • AVVO Client Choice Award 

Don't delay. Contact our construction accident lawyers today and ensure that you are getting the compensation you deserve. Request your free consultation online or call us at (914) 574-8330 for an appointment at our Westchester Office or (212) 858-0503 for an appointment at our Manhattan office.

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Worried about the Cost of a Lawyer?

With the Law Office of Michael H. Joseph, PLLC, you can afford an attorney. We offer 100 percent free, no-obligation initial consultations and are happy to review your construction accident case with you. In addition, we only get paid if we win your case.  

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If you sustained an injury as a result of a construction site accident, the Law Office of Michael H. Joseph, PLLC in New York City wants to hear from you. With two convenient locations, we make legal services accessible for clients throughout the state. Book your free construction accident case review by contacting our law firm online or calling us: 

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Injuries Can Have  Long-Lasting Consequences

Construction injuries can affect all areas of your life. In addition to requiring expensive, sometimes lifelong medical treatment, an injury of this kind can permanently affect your ability to work. By being unable to work, you may experience a loss of income or a reduction in your earning capacity. 

Some catastrophic work-related injuries can also leave you permanently disabled. Because you won't be able to return to your normal job or participate in the hobbies you once loved, you may also be left feeling frustrated or listless.

When a construction site accident leads to the wrongful death of a loved one, family members may be left with medical expenses, funeral expenses, loss of household income, and non-economic losses such as pain and suffering. These losses can quickly and easily add up to expenses that are impossible for victims to pay out-of-pocket.

With an attorney on your side, you are more likely to collect an amount of compensation that covers the true extent of your losses immediately following the accident, those you are currently experiencing, and those that will continue to affect you and your loved ones in the years to come. We have secured multi-million dollar settlements and jury awards for injured clients, and we can do the same for you. You can arrange to meet us at our offices in Manhattan or White Plains, or we can come to you to review your construction accident case.

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The Law Office of Michael H. Joseph, PLLC

Law Office of Michael H. Joseph, PLLC

The Law Office of Michael H. Joseph, PLLC, has been helping injured victims recover compensation for their injuries for over a decade. Our attorneys are members of several prestigious organizations, including: 

  • New York State Trial Lawyers Association
  • American Association for Justice
  • New York County Bar Association
  • Westchester County Bar Association

To request your free initial consultation with our team, call our New York City office at (212) 858-0503 or our White Plains office at (914) 574-8330. You can also request a case review online.

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