Many New York construction workers are not aware of the protections that New York’s Labor Law 240 provides and mistakenly think that all they are entitled to is workers compensation benefits. New York's Labor Law 240, provides injured construction workers with rights, in addition to workers compensation and allows them to sue for pain and suffering, lost wages, disability, and even for a reduced earning capacity. That means if you were injured and cannot work construction any more, you are entitled to be compensated for your loss of your ability to earn the wages of a construction worker. 

Our New York City Construction and on the job injury lawyers are well versed in Labor Law 240, which is also known as the New York Ladder Law. Workplace accidents involving broken or defective Scaffolds, Planks and Ladders account for a large number of personal injury and death cases in New York. Another very common type of accidents that account for personal injuries and deaths is falls from an unprotected height, such as when workers are working on a bridge, roof, or in an elevator shaft. The New York Labor Law 240, protects workers involved in painting, power washing, repairs, construction, alteration, demolition, commercial cleaning, and window washing, among other activities who fall because of an inadequate ladder or scaffold or because they were not given harnesses and safety lines. The Labor Law makes it the responsbility of the worksite's general contractor and the property owner to make sure that construction workers have safe equipement and it does not matter if your boss provided the equipment. Our New York City construction accident lawyers know that if you get hurt on a job site, because your ladder broke, had a broken rung, was unsteady, was unsecured or not the right ladder for the job, then you can sue the general contractor and the property owner. 

In New York, whenever a worker has to work at an elevated work site, there is a danger of a fall. Falls at work can have catastrophic and even fatal results. The saddest part is that most of these accidents are preventable and workers don't need to get hurt for no reason. Several of the workers in New York City trades who work constantly with ladders and scaffolds are often placed at risk including electricians, Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning Mechanics (HVAC), Carpenters, Plumbers, Bridgeworkers, Ironworkers, Steam Fitters, Power Washers, Window Washers, Painters and laborers. For over two decades our Ladder accident lawyers in Manhattan and our White Plains construction accident attorneys have represented injured construction workers because of bad ladders, scaffolds and inadequate or missing fall protection. 

Our New York Ladder Law attorneys who represent injured construction workers have the industrial experience and knowledge to uncover the cause of your ladder or scaffold accidents. Our New York ladder law attorneys have won hundreds of serious personal injury cases involving dangerous scaffolds and ladders. The New York ladder Law applies to ladders, scaffolds and even make shift devices such as planks, pump jack scaffolds, as well as any device used to elevate a worker. If you were injured while performing a repair, while doing construction painting, window washing, power washing or commercial cleaning, don?t just assume the accident was your fault. Under New York law, the owner of the property and the general contractor (for construction sites) is responsible to ensure that you have adequate ladders, planks and safe means to do your work. So if you were working and got hurt because a scaffold collapsed, moved or the plank broke because there was too much weigth from either debris or materials, then Labor Law 240 was violated and you have a right to sue. Our Westchester construction site accident attorneys and New York City construction scaffold accident attorneys know that you have the right to go home when your shift ends, and if you have to go to the hospital becaue you weren't given a safe scaffold, ladder or life line, the accident was not your fault. 

Inadequate Ladders And Scaffolds

There are many reasons a ladder or scaffold can be dangerous. Of the many reasons a ladder or scaffold can be dangerous is that the Scaffold or Ladder is broken or improperly assembled. For example, a ladder can have a broken rung which causes it to bend under the workers's weight or it can be missing a rubber footing which causes it to be unsteady and shift.  It that happens and other worker wasn't assigned to hold the ladder, then that is a violation of Labor Law 240. New York recognizes that construction workers have the right to a ladder or scaffold that protects them and if you get hurt because of unsafe or inadequate equipment, the law was violated. 

Often scaffolds have wood or planks that are under specification and break under the weight of the worker and their materials. An overloaded scaffold with material, equipment and tools is also an accident waiting to happen. Anothter common problem is the falling debris strikes the scaffold and causes the scaffold to collapse with the worker on it. Often pump jack scaffolds use sub–standard or sub–grade wood, which collapse and cause serious personal injury and even death to the worker who was just trying to earn a paycheck. Our New York City on the job accident lawyers have worked closely with wood experts to prove that the wood used was not sufficient for use as a supporting structure. Our Westchester construction accident lawyers and N.Y.C. construction injury attorneys have seen it all. 

Unsecured Ladders And Scaffolds

Another common cause of work place accidents for construction workers, window washers, painters and commercial washers is an unsecured ladder or scaffold. These accidents occur when workers who perform work at heights of over ten feet often work on ladders which are not tied off, do not have hooks, which are not secured and are not being held by another worker or a securing device.

These common causes of worker personal injury are completely avoidable. Personal injury resulting from an improperly placed ladders, planks and scaffolds render the owner or general contractor liable to compensate the injured worker for his injuries.

Improper Placement

Often ladders are placed on slippery surfaces, or close to live wires resulting in electrical shocks. Also planks which are laid loose or placed on unsecured ladders are equally dangerous causes of accidents involving personal injury. Labor Law 240 requires that ladders be properly placed and if you were injured because of a ladder that was placed on a surface that was slippery, then Labor Law 240 was violated. 

Our New York ladder accident lawyers have handled virtually every type of accident case involving a scaffold or ladder that can be brought and regularly appear in all of the New York City Metropolitan area Courts including Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Westchester, Nassau and Rockland. We have successfully represented thousands of personal injury victims in accidents arising in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, White Plains, New Rochelle, Bronxville, Mamaroneck, Ossining, Valhalla, Port Chester, Yonkers, Hartsdale, Valhalla, Mount Vernon, Scarsdale, Rye, Tarrytown, Greenburgh and Elmsford.


We only represent injured construction workers and their families, Not insurance companies or construction companies. We work for you only.


Consultations for injured workers are always free in either our Manhattan or White Plains offices. Our a consultation wtih out New York City construction accident lawyers who handle ladder and scaffold cases, Call (212) 858-0503 or for a consultation with our White Plains construction accident attorneys who handle construction accidents throughout Westchester, Call (914) 574-8330


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December 21, 2018

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 Michael Joseph took my case, which involved very unusual circumstances, but after hard fought negotiations, he was able to achieve a favorable outcome for me. I was very satisfied with Michael and would highly recommend him.

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June 25, 2018

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Mr. Joseph handled my case fantastically, I am very happy with the results. Thank you so much to your staff and your hard work.

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August 28, 2015

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Michael is a no BS, hard and smart working attorney. I am so glad he was on my side. It was amazing to see him take facts from my case and explain it to the jury in plain English, which won my case. Thank you Michael and keep up the good work.

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October 2, 2018

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Mr. Joseph took my case when I didn't know where to turn. I had a previous lawyer who was not very helpful, and I decided to find help elsewhere.
The moment I started sharing my story with Mr. Joseph on the telephone, he made me feel like someone cared. He listened. He helped. Thats all I wanted.
Thank you Mr. Joseph and your team.

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