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Brooklyn Construction Accident Attorneys

From Williamsburg and Greenpoint to Sunset Park and Coney Island, Brooklyn has countless developments under construction.

While new construction means that exciting changes are taking place, it also means that more construction accidents can occur.

If you were hurt at a Brooklyn, NY, construction site, the Law Office of Michael H. Joseph, PLLC can help.


It's hard to make a decision when all you have is questions. If you or a loved one has been the victim of a construction accident, we offer free consultations with a top-rated personal injury lawyer. For solid legal advice that can guide your next steps, contact us online or call to set up a no-obligation appointment.

Injured in a Construction Accident? How Our Law Firm Can Help

We know there are other construction accident lawyers, but we truly believe that we are the best choice for Brooklyn construction accident victims due to our: 

Background in Trials

Our construction accident lawyers have successfully represented hundreds of clients in the courtroom, so they are not afraid to go to trial to fight for a favorable jury verdict if necessary.

Prestigious Memberships

Our personal injury attorneys are members of the New York State Trial Lawyers Association, New York Bar Association, New York County Lawyers Association, and Westchester County Bar Association.

Media Mentions

The Law Office of Michael H. Joseph, PLLC has been featured in several publications, including the Daily News, The New York Post, The Huffington Post, and the New York Law Journal.

Free Consultations

Our construction accident attorneys offer free consultations for all laborers injured at a job site. During your consultation, one of our personal injury attorneys will evaluate your case and provide honest recommendations.

Our Midtown Manhattan office is a short subway ride from Brooklyn, which allows our construction accident attorneys to represent clients in Brooklyn who suffer personal injuries on construction sites.

The Dangers of Construction Accidents A Look at Recent Numbers

Increasing Dangers


In addition to the statistics above, NYCOSH also noted escalating risks of fatal on-the-job injuries. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, construction accident fatalities in New York City increased for three years in a row.

Have You Been Injured in a Construction Accident? A Brooklyn Construction Accident Lawyer Can Fight for You

Construction accident injuries can have long-lasting or permanent effects, putting your ability to work at stake. If you were injured at a work site in Brooklyn, you need a construction accident lawyer to evaluate your injury, hold the responsible party accountable, and help you recover compensation.

Attorney Michael H. Joseph has practiced law for more than 20 years and has helped shape laws related to construction accidents. Since our law firm works on a contingency fee basis, you won't have to pay unless our Brooklyn construction accident lawyers are successful.

To speak with our team about your injury claim, contact our law firm online. You can also reach our New York City law office by phone.

Call Us Today About Your ​Brooklyn Construction Accident Case

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Law Office of Michael H. Joseph in New York City
With locations in Midtown Manhattan and White Plains, NY, the Law Office of Michael H. Joseph is here to assist NYC workers and their families.

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Gail Raghu


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I will definitely recommend any one who is looking for a lawyer to hire Michael Joseph attorney at law . Michael Joseph was very professional and will work hard to get you the best outcome. I was a client and I’m very happy with the outcome! Thank you Michael Joseph attorney at law.

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Natalie Loza


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Definitely the best personal injury lawyer around. They got me the best outcome for my case! I would definitely return to their office in the future. Very professional and responsive. They fight long and hard to get the best compensation possible for your case. Definitely will refer acquaintances here.

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Se Habla Español


If you or your family are predominantly Spanish speaking, we can discuss your case in Spanish or English, whichever is more comfortable for you. This is our way of helping injured workers of different backgrounds throughout New York City.

Client Reviews in New York City We Help Clients in All 5 Boroughs and Upstate




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the best advice and experience ever I absolutely love him

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Great advice well experienced proper guidance. Highly recommended!!

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Building Collapse in Prospect Lefferts Gardens

Two Construction Workers Suffered Serious Injuries

On July 20, 2021, two workers were seriously injured when the walls, ceiling, and roof of a building collapsed. According to WABC Eyewitness News, the incident occurred while the two workers were on the second floor of a building that was being demolished on Lincoln Rd. The brick wall and roof pinned the two workers, who were thankfully freed and treated by emergency personnel.

With continued construction and development in and around Flatbush, areas like Prospect Lefferts Gardens, Ditmas Park, Windsor Terrace, Kensington, and other communities to the south of Prospect Park could experience dangerous incidents like this collapse. Speaking with a construction accident lawyer could be a key step to receiving legal damages for medical bills, lost wages, and lost earning potential.

When Workers' Compensation Is Not Enough We Put New York's Labor Laws To Work For You

Most employees in the construction trade understand the limitations the come with workers' compensation. Workers' compensation rarely pays 100% of your costs and does not cover pain and suffering. In many cases,  workers cannot sue their employers.

However, New York labor law includes valuable exceptions to those limitations. In specific situations, construction workers may be able to seek compensation in addition to  workers' compensation. Important labor laws that open the door to maximum compensation for injured workers include:

Construction co-worker assisting an injured construction worker inside a building

New York Workers' Compensation Law, Section 11

Section 11 allows an employee who suffers a "grave injury" to file a third-party lawsuit against a contractor, construction site owner, or another party whose negligence contributed to the worker's injury. The law is very specific as to what types of injuries apply, even going so far as to differentiate between the loss of fingers and fingertips. Our construction accident attorneys can help determine if your injuries are included under the statute.

Close up of a construction worker doing a safety check

Labor Law 200

Section 200 covers a broad category of safety rules and regulations for construction sites. If a property owner, contractor, or employer fails to provide reasonable and adequate protection to construction workers under this law, then an injured worker may file a lawsuit for compensation above and beyond what they may receive from workers' compensation. This may include compensation for pain and suffering or other losses not covered by workers' compensation, such as loss of consortium.

New York Skyline

Labor Law 240

This is New York's venerable Scaffold Law, first enacted in 1885 long before skyscrapers dotted the New York skyline. The law puts the onus on owners or general contractors, not workers, when it comes to accidents related to scaffolding. This includes falls or being struck by falling materials that are improperly hoisted or secured. In general, it doesn't matter if the injured worker's own negligence contributed to the injury unless their own negligence was the sole cause of the injury.

View of building under construction

Labor Law 241

Labor Law 241, also called the "Safe Place to Work Law," goes beyond requiring employers and contractors to provide reasonable and adequate safety precautions for a construction site. This law details how the site must be set up to promote maximum safety for workers and visitors. Like 240, this law applies a strict liability that typically does not consider a worker's own negligence in an accident unless they were the sole cause of the injury.

5-Star Reviews From Our Clients in Brooklyn and Beyond


Darleny Almonte


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My husband has been with them since 2014 and still counting and they have been absolutely awesome. HE IS TRULY PROFESSIONAL!!! definitely will split the sea for you. We are blessed to have him handling my husbands case and already recommended him to a cousin which was also really pleased with the services. Michael is a shark and will bite these defense attorneys in there behind. BEWARE!!!!

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Adriano Andrade


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my case was lost to many lawyers and so with a little hope i looked for another lawyer was when i looked for Michael who assured me that in new york there are labor laws and that my per cut at work would have less than 3 damages years lived up to my expectations

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Decades of Experience Fighting for Injured Workers Call for a Free Consultation

Construction sites, from Brooklyn to the Bronx, are dangerous, and accidents are commonplace. That also means property owners and construction owners have plenty of experience fending off lawsuits.

To be successful in winning a compensation claim, injured construction workers need an experienced personal injury attorney with an in-depth knowledge of state and local construction laws as well as current industry standards.

The construction accident attorneys at the Law Office of Michael H. Joseph have decades of legal experience in construction accidents and have helped shape the law to better protect workers.

If you've suffered a grievous injury due to negligence on the job site, contact us. Our team has firsthand experience going up against well-heeled business interests and winning fair compensation for injured workers, either through negotiations or by taking your case to trial.

Leave us a message online or call for a free consultation:

(212) 858-0503

Potential Causes of Construction Accidents Reasons Work-Related Injuries Happen

While some injuries and deaths were strictly accidents, other injuries on construction sites were caused by preventable factors, such as: 

  • Lack of safety standards
  • Lack of proper eyewear or hearing protection
  • Lack of proper fall protection equipment
  • Faulty equipment
  • Scaffolding accidents
  • Improper training
  • Workers being struck by objects
  • Limbs getting caught in or between materials or crushed by construction materials
  • Violent acts on behalf of other workers

Why You Need a Construction Injury Lawyer

If you believe that negligence or wrongdoing contributed to your construction site accident, our New York construction accident attorneys will fight to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve in a construction accident lawsuit.

During your consultation at the Law Office of Michael H. Joseph, we can review the accident and the injuries you sustained. We can then help you decide on the best course of action, which could be filing a workers' compensation claim or pursuing a lawsuit.

If we take your construction injury lawsuit, we will work to hold the at-fault party accountable for the accident and any life-altering injuries sustained. Our goal is to secure a fair settlement or achieve a favorable verdict should your case go all the way to trial.

Who Can I Sue in a Construction Accident?

In most construction site accidents, employees are not allowed to sue their employers. However, even with workers' compensation laws, there are important exceptions to the law. 

In addition, even when you can't bring a construction accident lawsuit against your employer, there are often other parties that can be held negligent in an accident. In fact, multiple parties may be at fault, enlarging the pool of money that can be tapped in a successful lawsuit. Among those who may be held liable in an injury claim:

  • General contractors and subcontractors
  • Owners of the property
  • Manufacturers of defective machinery, equipment, or tools
  • Careless drivers in a construction zone
  • Engineers
  • Architects

Why You Need an Experienced Trial Lawyer For Construction Site Accidents

Construction workers built New York. When they are injured due to someone else's negligence, it's only fair that they are compensated for their losses. But in a city financed by people looking only at the bottom line, workers often need a savvy advocate to push for fair compensation.

Inexperienced lawyers lack the resources and background to dig in their heels when faced with ruthless defendants. They'll fold instead of going to trial to win maximum compensation. Others will skimp on hiring the experts that can prove your case.

The attorneys at the Law Office of Michael H. Joseph work with construction site experts to investigate your accident and determine which labor laws offer you the best shot for receiving maximum compensation, not just coverage for medical bills.

We know New York. We know New York construction laws. And we have a string of construction cases that show what we can do for construction workers in Brooklyn, the Bronx, Midtown Manhattan, and throughout greater New York City. Contact us now.


Leave us a message online or call for a free consultation:

(212) 858-0503

Highly Recommended by Our Clients


Gabriel Arias


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I had a personal injury in the state of New York and at the same time I was living in Rhode Island not knowing who to trust or who I should take my case too I looked up the best lawyers in the area . I came across Michael’s law firms after speaking to other lawyers . when I called him he picked up took my information over the phone and assured me he was going to take care of me. That he did . Michael is professional, timely , and organized, . I would recommend him as the best personal injury lawyer in the westChester área. Today my case was resolved and I am completely satisfied with the service I received. If your in the westChester área or in New York and your in need of a personal injury lawyer Michael is the lawyer for the job .

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Kathy H


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I had a great experience with The Law Office of Michael H. Joseph. Mr. John Tait represented me with my car accident case. I would like to say thank you Mr. Tait for taking my case, being so professional, kind and responsive to all my phone calls and emails. My previous attorney wanted me to settle for a very low amount and did not want to fight for me. Mr. Tait you fought for me and got me a reasonable settlement amount for my injuries. I would definitely recommend you to family and and friends! You love what you do and it shows through your passion and work ethic. Thanks again, for helping me!

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Wrongful Death Lawsuits


If you lost a loved one due to a crane accident, electrocution, fall, or another tragic incident at a work site, our attorneys can help file a wrongful death lawsuit. Damages will address the financial losses and other hardships associated with the death of a spouse or family member.

2 Law Office Locations Helping People Who Live in the City or Commute

Front of New York office

New York, NY

If you live or work in Brooklyn, our New York, NY, office is centrally located in Midtown Manhattan, a block and a half from Penn Station. We are just a short ride on the A train away. Our legal office is also close to Grand Central and the 33rd Street stop for the 6 train.

Front of White Plains office

White Plains, NY

If you live in suburban Westchester County but were working in a Brooklyn construction site, you can also visit our White Plains, NY, office. This is particularly helpful if the construction site accident caused catastrophic injuries that restrict mobility and make travel difficult.

Helping Injured Workers Recover Come to Our Law Firm with Your Construction Accident Case


Samantha Thompson


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I searched “car accident lawyer” after going through an accident that changed my life completely! I’m so glad that I found him. I can’t thank him enough for everything he has done. If you’re looking for the best lawyer that handles car accidents, trust you will be in great hands. Thanks again for everything Michael.

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Adrienne Kaczynski


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I'm quite satisfied with the services Mr. Joseph provided me. I heard about them from a local ad and figured I'd give them a shot, and it's worked out well. They have reasonable fees compared to other lawyers and they knew what they were doing.

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The Law Office of Michael H. Joseph, PLLC

Law Office of Michael H. Joseph, PLLC

The Law Office of Michael H. Joseph, PLLC, has been helping injured victims recover compensation for their injuries for over a decade. Our attorneys are members of several prestigious organizations, including: 

  • New York State Trial Lawyers Association
  • American Association for Justice
  • New York County Bar Association
  • Westchester County Bar Association

To request your free initial consultation with our team, call our New York City office at (212) 858-0503 or our White Plains office at (914) 574-8330. You can also request a case review online.

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