White Plains What Is Worker’s Compensation?

Worker’s compensation is a statutory system under New York Law which provides monetary and medical benefits for workers who were injured on the job. This is where the worker would be entitled to be paid these benefits while they were out of work and as compensation for their injuries.

Years ago, a bargain was struck with employers that they would be liable to make payment regardless of fault, and in exchange for a no fault system, the employee would not be able to sue their employer directly so therefore there would be limited liability.

Common Types of Worker’s Compensation Cases That We Handle

The most common types of on the job accidents which our Westchester workers compensation lawyers handle include slip and falls, lifting incidents, people lifting heavy loads at work, falls from heights, construction accidents, truck accidents, car accidents, various accident work-related injuries. Unfortunately, assaults are also something that occurs in the workplace so our on the job accident lawyers cover that too.

Or Westchester Workers Compensation lawyers also cover repetitive injuries that occur over time, and these injuries include carpal tunnel syndrome, injuries that arise from a feature of the employment that does not necessarily occur in one discrete event but over a length of time.

Industries and Sectors That Are Covered By Special Workers Compensation Laws

All employers in the state of New York are covered under the worker’s compensation law with a few exceptions. Federal employers have their own worker’s compensation system, which is why post office workers are generally not covered.

Anybody who works for the federal government would have to avail themselves of the federal system. Although, you need to know, there are certain exceptions for New York City teachers, sanitation workers, firefighters and police officers. A few exceptions would include clergy, other than that, everybody who worked in the state of New York and all employers in the state of New York would be covered by the New York State worker’s compensation law. Also anyone who is injured working on a boat is usually covered under the Federal Maritime Law remedies of maintenance and cure. Also workers such as longshoremen, dockbuilders and maritime construction workers, such as the workers on the Tappanzee Bridge Project are covered under the Longshore Harbor Workers Compensation Act, which is a federal program administered by the U.S. Department of Labor.

How to Know If Your Workers Compensation Claim Or Case Is Valid?

Obviously, it would be an easy case and it would be covered if someone was injured while they were at work. For instance, the employee slipped and fell while they were lifting a box at work. However, care must be taken to file the workers’ compensation claim soon before the statute of limitations runs out. It would be good to contact a White Plains, New York, workers compensation lawyer by calling (914) 574-8330 for a Free Consultation.

Our White Plains law office offers FREE consultations to injured workers. I tell anyone who suspected they had an injury that might be related to work, or that happened at work, that they could come to our office so we could advise them whether it would be a valid worker’s compensation case or not. Give us a call to talk to our Westchester County workers compensation attorney.

For more information on Worker’s Compensation Cases In New York, a free initial consultation is your next best step. Get the information and legal answers you’re seeking by calling the Westchester Workers Compensation Lawyers at 914) 574-8330 today. Our Westchester County workers compensation attorney will go over your case with you and build your defense strategy to get you the maximum possible settlement. Act fast and call us with confidence.

What Does Worker’s Compensation Cover?

Who Is Liable In A Workers Compensation Injury Case?

What Is the Worker’s Compensation Claim Process?

What Are The Risks Of Not Hiring An Experienced Attorney?

The Law Office of Michael H. Joseph, PLLC

Law Office of Michael H. Joseph, PLLC

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