Where Is The Court Located In Yonkers?

The Yonkers criminal court is located at 100 South Broadway in Yonkers, New York.

What Can Someone Expect When They Go To Court In Yonkers? 

Typically, the first time in court will be an arraignment. There are seven different courts operating at once in Yonkers; each court will have posted the names of the people whose cases are being held in the particular courtroom for each day. Usually, the first courtroom on the right is a walk-in for traffic-type offenses or sometimes civil cases, the second court is generally for criminal cases, and the last court is likely reserved for trials and hearings.

When you go into court for the first time, there’s usually an arraignment, and more often than not, the case will get put over for a conference. Due to the volume of the cases that Yonkers sees, most of them are conferenced in the back with the district attorney, lawyers and judges. Once the attorney checks in on the conference day, they’ll go in the back, have a talk with the district attorney and the judge to see if the case can be resolved and then talk to the client. Then the case will be called to see what’s going to happen with it.

Yonkers is actually one of the largest cities in Westchester County, and it’s bordered by the Bronx. It also has Yonkers Raceway and a number of malls, so there is a lot of traffic in and out of Yonkers. The amount of cases that Yonkers sees is really wide, and the Yonkers Court House is always going to be packed, so you want to get there early.

What Can Someone Expect If They Are Arrested In Yonkers? 

If it’s a misdemeanor-level charge, they are going to get a desk appearance ticket. Sometimes if it’s a more significant felony case, they will be held overnight and brought to the Yonkers County Court for arraignment. The Yonkers Court operates five days a week, Monday through Friday; so typically, if you are arrested in Yonkers on a felony court charge, you are going to be brought to the court for arraignment. On the first time in court, there’ll be bail set if it’s a felony court case. For misdemeanors, you’ll be released on your own recognizance, particularly if you don’t have a criminal or a warrant history.

If you can make bail, the next court appearance will be in about a month at which point, there is a conference to see if you can resolve the case. If you can’t resolve it and it’s a felony-level case, a felony hearing will be scheduled, which is usually in the last courtroom on the right. But if it’s a misdemeanor, it’ll be resolved within one or two court appearances to a plea bargain; and if a plea bargain can’t be reached, then it’ll be scheduled for a pre-jury hearing or pre-jury conference, which is one last attempt to see if you can resolve the case. That’s held in the last courtroom on the right.

At this point it’s more of a really serious sit down between the district attorney’s office and the Yonkers criminal defense lawyer where the case is discussed in much more detail to see if it can be resolved. If not, then the case is scheduled for trial, and that’ll also be in the last courtroom on the right.

What Types of Criminal Cases Are Frequently Heard In Yonkers’ Courts? 

Because Yonkers is such a big city and it’s so close to New York City, our criminal defense attorneys, who practice there, have seen about every kind of case you can imagine. Certain parts of Yonkers are high crime areas, so there is some drug and gang activity. We see firearms cases in Yonkers, and our criminal defense attorneys have seen some DWI cases because of the adjacent highways. We also see a lot of traffic-type stops for driving while intoxicated, driving while ability impaired and driving with suspended licenses.

Our Yonkers criminal defense attorneys have also handled a number of petty larceny and grand larceny-type cases because of all the commercial activity in Yonkers. Certainly, because of the large amount of stores and malls, there is a lot of employee theft, where employees either give discounts to friends or don’t bring up certain items, and there have been a lot of those types of cases that our attorneys have seen in Yonkers.

Likewise, because there is a casino there, we’ve also seen a number of fights, arguments and assault-type cases, including domestic violence that have come out of Yonkers. Because of the gang activity, our criminal defense attorneys, who practice in Yonkers, have seen a number of higher-level or felony-level assaults.

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