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Business and Commercial Litigation


Our New York trial lawyers have extensive experience in handling commercial and business disputes. We have handled everything from basic breach of contract, failure to pay a promissory note, partnership break ups, restrictive covenant litigation, mechanics lien litigation, and business torts including fraud, tortious interference with a contract or prospective advantage and civil R.I.C.O. violations.

Whether you are a small business owner who has had someone breach their contract, a business owner who has been cheated by a partner or a White Collar employee whose employer has breached an employment agreement, our New York City business litigation lawyers will stand up for you. Our Queens NY commercial litigation attorney can handle all kinds of commercial and business disputes. We have been representing clients all over New York City, NY and in Queens, NY. Give us a call at (212) 858-0503 to discuss your case with our New York City business litigation lawyer. We offer Free Initial Consultations to our clients.

General Information:

We render honest services with your best interest in mind. On appropriate cases, we often take business cases on contingency for businesses who cannot afford the ridiculous hourly fees of the larger law firms. Our business litigation attorneys often litigate against the larger Wall Street law firms and win.


These cases are among the most common types of cases our attorneys encounter and they include everything from goods sold and not paid for, construction contracts where the work has been performed but not paid for or paid for but not done. With the economy in recession, our lawyers are seeing more and more cases of people who are taking advantage of their fellow man and not living up to their responsibilities. These times truly bring out the worst in people.


Our New York attorneys aggressively pursue these types of cases. We are seeing an increase in people borrowing money and then failing to pay them back or employers breaching employment contract and then agreeing to a settlement directly with the employee and having them sign a release, and then failing to pay them. New York has an expedited procedure for obtaining a judgment in these cases, which we utilize frequently. In lieu of a complaint, we serve a summons with a motion for summary judgment putting the burden on the defendant immediately to justify why they didn’t pay. This procedure allows us to obtain judgments much quicker than going through the ordinary process, which can take years.

Our attorneys are seeing more and more cases of high net worth and white collar employees being taken advantage of. What used to be a problem which only manual laborers faced is now becoming more and more common among white collar employees, especially in banking, investment houses and wall street firms. These firms often think the law does not apply to them and that they are free to disregard their contractual obligations to their employees who have created the wealth which they enjoy.

Our business lawyers are committed to protecting the white collar employees who are victimized by dishonest employers and firms. We will not let these employers use people and then throw them away as if they were disposable.

In general employment relationships are at will, unless there is an employment contract. Often in the white collar arena, there are employment contracts. Engagement letters qualify as employment contracts and often contain minimum salary requirements, guaranteed bonus requirements and termination without cause requirements. Our attorneys will carefully scrutinize your contract to see if a violation has occurred and if you have a lawsuit.

If you are a small business owner or a white collar employee with a business or commercial dispute, our New York business attorneys can meet with you in our Manhattan or New York Office. You can also give us a call at (212) 858-0503 to speak with our New York City business litigation lawyer, or visit any of our offices in New York or Queens. Discuss your case with our Queens NY commercial litigation attorney to talk about the legal aspects of your case.

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