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In this video, our NYC commercial litigation attorneys explain why the Law Office of Michael H. Joseph, PLLC, is suited to handle your case. We take cases on contingency, so we only get paid when we win the case. Call us today to book a free consultation.

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[00:00:05.120] One of our practice areas, obviously, is commercial litigation. [00:00:07.360] We represent business owners in New York City and Westchester [00:00:12.320] who have been either cheated, [00:00:15.360] they have contracts with people who didn't pay them, [00:00:17.360] and we're aggressive. [00:00:18.160] We go after these people. [00:00:19.360] We make sure business owners get what they're entitled to, [00:00:22.240] whether you're a small business owner who's been cheated on a contract, [00:00:26.160] or a business owner being sued for a case. [00:00:30.000] Our offices have the experience [00:00:31.440] to get you the result that you are entitled to. [00:00:35.040] Our attorneys are particularly aggressive with commercial litigation. [00:00:38.160] Unlike a lot of other firms, our law firm will take a business [00:00:42.200] or a commercial case on contingency because we know a lot of small businesses [00:00:45.960] don't have the funds to pay for large hourly fees. [00:00:49.880] So we partner with our clients. [00:00:52.240] We take it on contingency and we only get paid if we win. [00:00:54.840] Because we work on contingency, we are efficient. [00:00:57.760] We're motivated to move your cases. [00:00:59.400] We're motivated to get you to the finish line [00:01:01.600] rather than other law firms that are billing by the hour, [00:01:03.920] who are motivated to delay the case as long as possible [00:01:07.000] because they can bill for fees. [00:01:09.000] We want to get you to the finish line. [00:01:10.400] We're going to do it quickly, [00:01:11.240] we're going to do it in the most efficient manner possible. [00:01:14.240] As a small businessman myself, [00:01:15.800] I understand the complexities of a small business [00:01:20.200] and how devastating it could be if someone doesn't pay what they're due. [00:01:23.680] Our attorneys are aggressive in commercial litigation cases [00:01:27.320] because even after we get a judgment, we don't stop. [00:01:29.600] We are some of the most aggressive judgment collection attorneys around. [00:01:32.840] We will seize bank accounts, we garnish wages. [00:01:35.400] Our attorneys will use little known procedural mechanisms [00:01:40.880] to get courts to order people to make periodic payments every month. [00:01:44.760] We've had people, even attorneys, thrown in jail [00:01:46.960] for not paying what the courts tell them to pay. [00:01:50.160] If you want an attorney who's going to be aggressive, [00:01:52.120] who's going to actively litigate your commercial litigation [00:01:55.040] or business litigation lawsuit, [00:01:57.960] we're the commercial litigation attorneys that you want on your side. [00:02:01.760] Your case isn't going to sit there on a shelf collecting dust, [00:02:05.000] it's going to be actively moved.

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Law Office of Michael H. Joseph, PLLC

The Law Office of Michael H. Joseph, PLLC, has been helping injured victims recover compensation for their injuries for over a decade. Our attorneys are members of several prestigious organizations, including: 

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