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The Law Office of Michael H. Joseph, PLLC, offers representation to those affected by negligent security. Our lawyers can help you by working with the best investigators, pulling police data, and preparing the lawsuit. Let our negligent security lawyers protect your future.

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[00:00:05.480] Right now, I have a case where [00:00:07.840] my clients' apartment was broken into at two in the morning. [00:00:10.640] My clients were shot. [00:00:12.320] They came in through the front door that was unlocked. [00:00:15.960] It's a big lawsuit that's ongoing. [00:00:18.680] It's what we do. [00:00:20.920] Of course, this was in an area known for its criminal activity. [00:00:24.040] In fact, this building [00:00:25.720] had a similar incident just two years prior. [00:00:28.520] Yet the landlord refused to put on a working lock on the door. [00:00:34.600] We take these cases, and we go after the landlord. [00:00:37.120] They have an obligation known. [00:00:39.240] These known dangers to protect their tenants. [00:00:41.480] When they fail to do so, [00:00:42.920] they're responsible for our tenants' injuries. [00:00:45.360] It's important on your premises security cases [00:00:47.920] to have an attorney. [00:00:49.360] Because an attorney, [00:00:50.840] particularly here at the Law Offices of Michael Joseph, [00:00:53.360] we have the skill, the knowledge and the expertise [00:00:56.720] to know what evidence we need and to get on it right away. [00:00:59.880] It's important to gather all the evidence, the surveillance videos, [00:01:03.120] the police reports, the witness statements right away. [00:01:08.280] It's important to be able to navigate through the judicial system [00:01:11.880] with your case. [00:01:13.920] We have the ability here to pull up the police data. [00:01:16.680] A lot of times to prove that the area had a known high crime risk, [00:01:20.960] you need police data. [00:01:22.680] Number of arrests in the last six months, number of claims in the last six months. [00:01:27.520] We can pull up the 911 calls for the last six months, one year, two years, [00:01:31.320] to show a jury that this was a known high crime area with a number of break-ins [00:01:36.640] and that the landlord [00:01:38.760] should have had better security. [00:01:41.080] Here's what a client should expect. [00:01:42.960] Here's what they're going to know from day one, [00:01:44.640] from the very first phone call. [00:01:45.840] They're going to know exactly what needs to get done to prove their case. [00:01:48.960] They're going to know what we're doing to prove their case, [00:01:51.320] what efforts we're taking right out of the gate. [00:01:55.320] Getting the surveillance videos, getting the witness statements. [00:01:58.040] Sending our investigator down to get all the information possible. [00:02:01.560] Pulling the police data from the neighborhood, [00:02:04.360] getting the letters out to the insurance companies, [00:02:06.880] preparing a lawsuit. [00:02:08.520] All from day one, from that first phone call. [00:02:10.880] They'll know the steps [00:02:12.320] that are going to be required [00:02:13.680] to get their case across that finish line.

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