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A false arrest requires the help of a lawyer. The Law Office of Michael H. Joseph, PLLC, can help you prove that you have been maliciously prosecuted and resolve the case. Book a free case review with a false arrest lawyer today.

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[00:00:05.240] We have one of the leading cases on malicious prosecution. [00:00:07.520] We literally established some of the most favorable law for plaintiffs [00:00:10.080] in malicious prosecution. [00:00:12.000] You're entitled to compensation if you're falsely arrested. [00:00:15.360] If you're arrested without probable cause to believe you committed a crime. [00:00:18.440] Malicious prosecution is one step further. [00:00:20.920] If it goes beyond an arrest and you're actually prosecuted for a crime [00:00:24.360] or you sit in jail waiting for your day in court, [00:00:26.800] you're entitled to significant compensation for being prosecuted falsely. [00:00:31.800] To be able to show that you've [00:00:33.360] been maliciously prosecuted, we need to be able to show [00:00:35.480] that the prosecution was initiated without probable cause [00:00:39.640] to believe it could succeed, [00:00:40.920] and that the case was resolved in your favor. [00:00:43.720] In a false arrest case, you need a lawyer who is experienced [00:00:46.840] and knows the nuances in this particular area of law. [00:00:50.040] The defendants in these kind of cases claim the benefit of what's called [00:00:52.880] qualified immunity, which means they are not liable for good-faith mistakes. [00:00:57.600] Our attorneys know how to [00:01:01.000] take aggressive depositions, get the truth out of these law officers, [00:01:04.080] and show inconsistencies to show they were lying, that they made things up, [00:01:07.760] that they didn't document things, that they left out key pieces of evidence [00:01:12.440] that shows you weren't guilty of a crime [00:01:14.200] where there was no reasonable cause [00:01:15.720] or probable cause to believe you committed a crime. [00:01:17.640] Our firm has extensive experience [00:01:19.120] in handling false arrest and malicious prosecution cases. [00:01:22.400] We literally set the standard in one of the key cases we handled [00:01:25.760] before the Second Circuit Court of Appeals, [00:01:27.840] which affirmed a multi-million dollar judgment against the Bronx detectives [00:01:32.640] who charged someone for murder. [00:01:35.400] We've handled cases on behalf of exonerese [00:01:38.200] who have spent years in jail for crimes they didn't commit. [00:01:41.200] And this is a very nuanced area of law. [00:01:43.280] The attorneys who represent municipalities, [00:01:45.480] use their story to say there was probable cause, [00:01:47.920] and you need an attorney who has experience in poking holes [00:01:50.800] at their statements and showing the evidence that they hid from the DA [00:01:54.880] or the things they didn't tell the DA. [00:01:57.040] You need attorneys who know how the police work and can uncover [00:02:02.760] the little pieces of truth that they try to hide.

The Law Office of Michael H. Joseph, PLLC

Law Office of Michael H. Joseph, PLLC

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