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The Law Office of Michael H. Joseph, PLLC, has spent decades in practice representing people who have been injured in truck accidents. We have the knowledge and the resources to get you the recovery you deserve. Book your free consultation with a truck accident lawyer today.

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[00:00:02.520] I have over 20 years of experience in representing people [00:00:07.880] who are injured in truck accidents. [00:00:09.760] We've handled every truck accident from semis [00:00:12.960] to box trucks to garbage trucks. [00:00:17.320] We know a lot about truck mechanics. [00:00:19.160] We've worked with experts in the past on truck operations. [00:00:22.080] We know what the qualifications are [00:00:24.320] for drivers become truck drivers and interstate commerce. [00:00:28.680] We have the experience and knowledge to get the documents [00:00:30.640] that the trucking companies don't want to provide. [00:00:32.880] For example, if you just ask for certain types of action reports [00:00:35.880] they'll say we don't have anything, [00:00:37.240] but we know the codes and sections [00:00:38.800] of the motor vehicle safety administration carrier act [00:00:42.480] that they're required to keep. [00:00:44.200] We know how to ask for things and we know how to get them. [00:00:46.360] If you're involved in a truck accident, [00:00:48.040] you need to hire an attorney right away. [00:00:49.960] A prompt investigation can make the difference [00:00:52.720] between winning and losing your case. [00:00:54.880] We employ full-time investigators [00:00:56.720] that can get to accident scenes. [00:00:58.440] We know how to communicate with authorities [00:01:01.640] who investigate the truck accidents, [00:01:03.480] to get the photographs of the accident itself. [00:01:06.680] You also need to file a no-fault application to get benefits [00:01:10.800] for medical care and for loss wages [00:01:13.600] within 30 days of an accident. [00:01:15.280] It's important to have a lawyer on your side in truck accidents [00:01:17.960] because the trucking companies already have lawyers [00:01:20.240] and insurance companies working against you [00:01:22.160] and you need somebody on your side. [00:01:24.520] Our law office is especially qualified to handle truck accidents [00:01:27.360] because we have extensive experience doing it. [00:01:29.560] We've worked with more accident reconstructionists [00:01:32.280] and truck driving experts than I can recall. [00:01:35.240] We know how truck accidents happen, [00:01:36.800] what the causes of trucks accidents are. [00:01:38.920] When we hear of a particular type of truck accident, [00:01:41.080] we know what to look for [00:01:42.200] to prove that truck driver was at fault. [00:01:44.800] People can expect that we're going to go the extra mile [00:01:47.600] and fight the big trucking companies and the insurance companies [00:01:50.600] to get them the recover they deserve.

The Law Office of Michael H. Joseph, PLLC

Law Office of Michael H. Joseph, PLLC

The Law Office of Michael H. Joseph, PLLC, has been helping injured victims recover compensation for their injuries for over a decade. Our attorneys are members of several prestigious organizations, including: 

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  • Westchester County Bar Association

To request your free initial consultation with our team, call our New York City office at (212) 858-0503 or our White Plains office at (914) 574-8330. You can also request a case review online.

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