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April 13, 2019
What Can I Do If My Attorney Cheated Me or Stole my Money

By Michael H. Joseph

A lot of lawyers shy away from bringing lawsuits against their fellow attorneys, but our New York City commercial lawyers know that there is both good and bad in every profession, including our own. While mere dissatisfaction with the result isn’t. a reason to sue a Lawyer, where a lawyer has cheated or swindled their client or taken an unfair advantage of a client, the attorney shouldn’t be held accountable. A brief but non-exhaustive list of some common scenarios and remedies are as follows. Judiciary Law § 487 applies to situations where a lawyer engages in dishonesty and deceives a… Read More

March 3, 2011
Construction Accidents In New York And Inadequate Lighting

By Michael H. Joseph

One of the most powerful tools for New York construction accident lawyers is Labor Law 241. Labor Law 241 requires contractors and owners of a construction site to provide reasonably safe protection to construction workers in New York. Construction is inherently dangerous and it is important that construction sites have good lighting. Inadequate lighting on construction sites compounds the inherent dangers on a construction site. Workers often trip or slip and fall on materials that are hard to see or in poorly lit areas. For examples, when construction workers work with saws and have difficulty seeing it then the dangers… Read More

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