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How Affordable Is The Construction Accident Claims Process?

Most construction accident lawyers work on contingency. That means if you hire a construction accident lawyer such as our firm, there is no fee or no expense until you actually win or recover and we add all the costs associated with the lawsuit. It doesn’t cost anyone anything until they actually see money.

Typically people really aren’t going without wages because they usually have a right to workers compensation benefits and even if the employer was uninsured, there is an uninsured employer’s funds that provide the wages and maybe if we step into the shoes of the employer and pay the employee what they would have had the employer have workers compensation insurance.

How Soon After An Accident Should I Get An Attorney Involved?

You should get an experienced attorney involved immediately, because you never know how serious the injuries are. Being able to do an investigation sooner rather than later can make all the difference between winning and losing a case because we get our investigators out to get statements and get photographs before things change, so having an experienced attorney onboard earlier on in the process is critical.

Does An Attorney Coordinate All of My Legal Claims?

We have different attorneys do different things in our office. Anybody who comes in with a case, we set them up with the attorney who does workers compensation immediately and we handle the lawsuit. If someone’s been out of work for months and it looks like they’re going to be out of work from an injury they also can do an application for social security disability benefits and we have attorneys in our office who do that too. Certainly we make sure all of our clients’ legal needs are met.

What is the Importance of Having an Experienced Attorney For a Construction Accident Claim?

Having an experienced construction accident attorney is important because without us, the insurance companies are not going to deal with you. They are going to deny that something happened and they are going to deny they are responsible for the accident. The only way to make them take responsibility is to force them to take responsibility and to file a lawsuit.

We’ve seen too many cases where people just sat on their hands for 3 years and they come to us and say, “I had this construction accident case 5 years ago. I was never the same.” I say I’m sorry, you waited too long. The law only allows you to sue within 3 years of the accident and they come to me 5 years after the accident, there’s nothing I can do now.

Certainly getting an attorney involved earlier makes a huge difference. What sets our firm apart is our experience, knowledge. If you have a construction accident case, you’re going to be coming to deal with us, with me or one of my other attorneys, not paralegals like a lot of these other firms do. But you’re going to really have an attorney who is knowledgeable about the area of law and who knows the industry working on your case and fighting for you. That’s what sets us apart.

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