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New York Police -Line Of Duty Injuries

Often when police officers suffer a line of duty injury, they are able to recover much more money than the disability pay they receive. New York’s General Municipal Law section 205(e) allows New York police officers injured in the line of duty to sue anyone who broke a law or violated a statute, which directly or indirectly caused an injury. Police officers also have the right to sue other people or companies who are responsible for their injuries under ordinary negligence and premises liability. Likewise, harbor and marine unit police can claim Maintenance and Cure benefits and even sue their employers directly under the Jones Act. Our New York Personal injury lawyers have represented numerous police officers in a variety of job related injuries.


General Municipal Law 205e allows all police officers in the State of New York who are injured or killed in an accident to sue anyone who failed to comply with the requirements of any of the statutes, ordinances, rules, orders and requirements of the federal, state, county, village, town or city governments or of any and all their departments, divisions and bureaus.

These cases arise in wide variety of circumstances including vehicle accidents, premises liability and even injuries which occur because of assaults, breaking up fights and illegal gun sales. Police officers often have to investigate criminal activity or respond to calls in buildings which are sub-standard and fail to comply with applicable building codes. These dangerous conditions and buildings can be sued if a police officer sustains an injury because of the conditions. Likewise, a variety of the provisions in the Alcohol Beverage and Control law can be used to sue bars, clubs, liquor stores and even party hosts, who violate the ABC Law and cause an officer’s injury. Some common examples are bars and nightclubs which permit the premises to operated as a disorderly premises and an officer suffers an injury breaking up a fight or is injured by an underage or drunk driver.


Police officers, especially in Rockland and the outer boroughs of New York including the Bronx and Queens spend a lot time on the road and therefore are at risk of car accidents. Our New York car accident lawyers are very familiar with the Vehicle and Traffic laws and have handled numerous car accidents involving police officers. Accidents often happen during high speed pursuits where officers are utilizing lights and sirens, which gives them the right of way. The right of way rule is especially important because officers are often required to drive at high speeds and even disregard the traffic control devices, and the failure of a motorist to yield the right of way and pay attention to their surroundings can cause serious personal injuries to a police officer and even end a career. Our New York personal injury lawyers are committed to aggressively representing New York’s police officers who are injured in line of duty injuries.


Corrections officers, New York Police Harbor officers and several of the New York river towns have police divisions which spend a lot of time on the water and are subjected to the hazards of the sea. Under federal law, any officer who spends more than a third of his time on navigable waters is a Jones Act seaman and can sue their employer if they are injured because of any unsafe condition on a vessel or for negligence which causes their injury.

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