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What Are The Common Construction Injury Types?

What Are Some Of The Most Common Types Of Construction Accidents?

Any kind of accident can happen with on a New York construction site ranging from fractures, back injuries all the way up to death. Some of the most frequent accidents seen by the New York City construction accident lawyers are accidents involving scaffolding, bad ladders, scaffolding collapses, accidents involved in excavation, such as issues with trenches falling in or improper trenching, improper means of getting in or out of the trench. The construction attorneys at the Law Office of Michael H. Joseph PLLC., also see a lot of demolition accidents particularly with saws or other machinery that are not properly guarded.

Our New York worksite accident lawyers see a lot of scaffold collapses where basically the scaffolds are overloaded. Materials are stored on the scaffolds which exceed the capacity of the scaffold to hold them. A lot of pump jack type scaffold collapses are seen, especially in Westchester, along with a lot of excavation type accidents. In excavation accidents, people are injured during excavation operations, when they are hit by the excavation machinery or they are hit by a load. These accidents usually happen when they do not properly use taglines and the load shifts or load hits them, which is not being properly controlled. This happens a lot when the wind comes and moves the load. These are the more frequent types of accidents seen on construction sites.

Our New York and Westchester worksite accident attorneys also see accidents where the work site is a mess and people are slipping and tripping on materials with things that are just left around. For example in Marine construction, a lot of improper decking is seen, such as decking without nonskid applications which makes these walkways unreasonably dangerous, hazardous and slippery. Those are the biggest types of accidents seen by the office of Michael Joseph.

Generally under New York law, the majority of the construction accidents which occur are going to fall under either Labor Law 200 or Labor Law 241. Labor Law 200 generally requires that the construction operations and the construction places be maintained in a reasonably safe manner. The law basically prohibits any type of dangerous condition on a construction site in New York. The office of Michael Joseph also sees a lot of labor law to 240 cases which generally apply to fallen people or bad ladders, bad stairs, bad scaffolds and structures that are basically collapsing.

The other big area of construction accidents seen in New York City is Labor Law 241 which tends to have a lot of specific regulations on the scaffolding, excavation, demolition, altering, and painting. This basically involves any type of work that has been done as a regulation that requires it to be done safe and provides for the protection of people who are working on construction sites in New York.

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